Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bless the broken road

Today is all about emo...

Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye? Do you know that i was in love with a guy and the love is so deep that it still sadden me whenever i'm thinking of him. I choose to end up our relationship. I couldn't see our future together, can't see we grow old together. Despite the love, i just have to let go. True love doesn’t need to have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you. Till this day, he always have a special place in my heart.

And at the other side, my husband is waiting for me. His persistence truly paid off. I can't deny that he is the best person for me. I' so grateful that God blessed our broken road to lead us to a lifetime of happiness together.

I put a lyric of Rascal Flatts bless the broken road here and in my playlist. It specially dedicated ths to my sister. You will go thru the obstacle and find your true happiness..keep the faith

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

Every long lost dream lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there you understand
It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true

Now I'm just rolling home
Into my lover's arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bila takbir bergema

Listening to takbir raya while preparing report that had to be presented to management next Monday and at the same time has to finalize HSEQ procedure for my new customer is so pathetic. As if I got nothing better to do. But that’s the fact I’m facing right now. Is my job so important that my whole life have to circle around it ? I clearly know that the answer is no but I just hate being a loser.

One of my boss said that I’m a perfectionist. I told him I’m not..but I am a person who hate losing. I always want to be the best. I just can’t take it if people take me as average..average means sama saja with other people, a regular person who will lost in an organization of thousands of people..i need to differentiate myself. And I’m a person who believe in performance and capability..no such thing as bodekking boss..just can’t do it.. i’m too honest and outspoken to do that, paling tepat too loudmouth. So loudmouth person memang tak akan jadi kaki bodek yang terer sebab if boss look ugly I akan cakap dia look ugly ..how to bodek like that..

Dah terdivert cerita. I’m just plain sad listening to takbir raya. It’s been 3 years since I last celebrate Raya Qurban in Kelantan. In ’06, mom went to Mecca so we didn’t go back since my younger brother and sisters are staying with me at that time and last 2 years, I was in Dubai. Thought this year husband and I can go back to Kelantan but with our work commitment, not able to do that until tomorrow. After raya prayer baru balik Kelantan. When we made that decision, I was sort of OK with it but tonite for the first time I felt like crying while listening to the takbir. Being the eldest girl in the family, I always feel that it is my responsibility to go back home early to ensure all are OK, to ensure that my mom will not tiring herself cooking until she faint which has happened before..It’s not that I don’t trust my other siblings wud be able to handle things back at home, I just feel that I can do it better..typical me.

Anyway can’t wait to go home tomorrow. Happy Eid Mubarak to all friends and families and enemies and ex lover hahahaha

Back to my kiasu self..now tengah tension sebab the chess team is forcing me to join the KKP again next year. Remember in my earlier post months back I told you that I jadi bidan terjun. Since my result in the tournament is not bad for a first timer yang dah more than 10years didn’t touch the chess set, they want me to be in the team again and this time the KPI is 7.5/8 which means I have to win 7 and draw 1..Despite my emails stated that I will be very busy next year since 2 of my newly secured project will kick start at that time, it fell into deaf ears. Itu la aku tak faham instead of finding solutions by carik replacement ker or train few other people yg dah ada, they simple refuse to listen to me. They didn’t understand that thinking about chess pun dah buat aku stress.. of course I can be better than average if I train myself but the problem is aku tak minat and it’s difficult to do things that I don’t like. Of course I can force myself but it will be stressful la .. my job dah stressful enough at ths moment I don’t need another stress. I think I better pakat with my client that by June next year, we have to go to Pennsylvania to have the pre-loading meeting and monitor the execution of the first loading..itu lagi best kan..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't be dissapointed

I’ve told you that I was involved in something big at work kan. Finally the material was presented to the management committee Thursday. Outcome ? It’s a sad outcome. Despite all the hardwork put in by the team members, decision made against it. So finally, it’s going to happen.

I am actually relieved. Despite trying to be supportive of the initiative, I just didn’t see how it will work out. Been in the business long enough to know that with whatever people, process and system that we have now, it’s not enough to achieve what we want. Anyway it’s easy for me to say since my portion in the company remain intact and in fact expanding.

Thinking back, I have always made a right decision career wise in my whole life. Despite few failures and many lessons learnt, I am able to held my head high and say that I have achieved this and that. Would I be able to sustain what I have accomplish today ? God know.. but I always believe that as long as I work sincerely and with full integrity, the path will be a smooth one. I just have to remind myself often on my mom’s advise “ company bayar gaji and kita kena kerja as what they expect and give full commitment..kalu tak buat semua duit itu jadi duit haram..tak berkat”

Maunya tak takut fikir itu semua..just imagine makan duit haram whole life sebab malas kerja padahal integrity intact..better pegi makan rasuahkan..at least boleh jadi kayer senang-senang.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Should I ????

I still haven't decide. Should i or should i not ? what do u think ??

Monday, October 5, 2009

Room with a view

Today aku macam a bit melancholy + ada few Sukhoi tengah practise or apa ntah, so i have time to look out of my window. So inilah view yang aku dok tengok everyday but i'm sort of didn't really see it before since i was so busy with works .

Only today i really look and realized that i have a very nice view from my office. View yang if base on property $$, it's millions of RM. My desk if facing windows and I can see KL Tower, KLCC and Berjaya Times Square from this window.

Itulah sometimes working too hard is not good, people tend to forgot to enjoy life. All these small things are important and does matter. When others are dreaming to have the view from the windows that i'm having now, how come i didn't value it ??

Monday, September 28, 2009

Undangan open house

Ini aku baru dapat email from my fren..think it quite hilarious..but baguskan straight forward. majlis aku suker aku la nak jemput sape..hahahahaha

Wahai kengkawan yg dihormati sekelian, memandangkan budget tahun agak tidak mengizinkan, (baby baru lahir, rumah baru pindah and renovate, bonus siket!, increment tak seberapa), sudila kiranya dijemput menghadiri makan2 sket (adalah hidangan aqiqah kambing hero saya yg baru lahir tu) di alamat berikut:


Please RSVP by the xxx so that I can make the necessary arrangement.

Kepada yg tak dijemput, tak yah la tolong war-warkan… memang saya pilih jemputan saya…. Sebab tu tak mention Open House, tapi jemputan makan raya. Jadi, harap2 kengkawan tak yah sibuk tanya pada yg tak dijemput eh…

Harap maklum dan sekian terima kasih.

Alamak! Tarikh dan waktu lupa nak sebut….


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We won

After 2 years lost it to Finance, we finally got back the best office Raya deco..Not because of me since i'm now station in KL but because of the girls effort. Bagus2..keep up the good work.

Selamat hari Raya

Dear Frens,

selamat hari raya aidil fitri dan kemaafan dipohon jika ada kesalahan.. enjoy yr raya and holiday.

As for myself,

1. sedih tak dapat cuti early as ada meeting sampai jumaat, gilerkan sapa yg buat meeting on that day. yesterday, i told my colleagues, bila aku dah jadi President of ths company, aku nak balas dendam by calling them meeting masa anak nak nikah ker, masa depa raya ker..baru tau macam mana rasa..hahahaha

2. flight ticket to KB semua dah habis, i'm in waiting list. kalu tak dapat macam mana ? drive back ker ? imagine the traffic..mesti 15jam dalam keta..ingat jer pun terus rasa nak pengsan.

3. kuih raya ? finally got it from Ampang Point..cantik & sedap, tapi cepatnya habis. there's 1 cookies yg my husband suka, the week after aku pi nak beli lagi , dah habis..

4. hope would be able to sampai kampung by saturday morning, so aku dapat buka puasa kat rumah mak.

5. before that, have make sure all materials are ready for group mc meeting a week after raya. VP2 ni apsal la choose date for meeting after raya. kesian la kat staff2 nanti masa raya pun mesti kerna buat kerja.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hari ini memang sangat thirsty..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

No B.E.P for Muslims

Lepas baca ni terus nak menangis..I lurvveeee BEP..

Malaysia bars Muslims from Black Eyed Peas concert

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Malaysia's government has barred Muslims from a concert by U.S. hip-hop stars the Black Eyed Peas next month because the event is organized by Irish beer giant Guinness, an official said .

The Malaysian show's official Web site said "the party is only open to non-Muslims aged 18 years and above." Previous major pop concerts in Malaysia, including one by the Black Eyed Peas in 2007, have always been open to Muslims.

"Muslims cannot attend. Non-Muslims can go and have fun," an official at the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture told The Associated Press.

It was not immediately clear how the ban on Muslims will be enforced. Concert organizers did not immediately respond to a request for comments.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa Semua

Today dah 5th day puasa. I would like to wish all friends and family selamat berpuasa. Semoga segala amalan kita diterima yang Maha Esa.

macam busy la pulak bulan puasa ths year. yesterday on day trip to Kerteh. Usually kalu travel to Eastern memang aku drive saja but this time since it's a last minute arrangement by my colleague and since it's only 1 meeting decided to take Firefly direct to Kerteh. resultnya ? masa boarding, the plane 3 kali termati engine..hahaha so imagine la my feeling. semua ayat Quran aku baca siap doa and everything. dah la tak sempat solat Subuh since flight at 6.30am, aku keluar rumah at 5.30 tak masuk waktu and by the time aku check-in dah terus kena boarding.

But at the end we have a smooth flight, the take off and landing memang smooth giler, mesti pilot yg terer. Balik at 6.20pm from Kerteh, resultnya horrror. Air pockets, clouds all journey, and masa landing it's very rough, nak termuntah aku. turun kapal terbang terus pening. Tak larat rasa nak drive balik.

For the next 3 weeks i'll become inspector police ..yup la sebab now in the midst of buat audit for customer satisfaction level. so far semua complaints saja..habis la korang sumer bila report keluar nanti. Ada la yg kena pegi training setahun nih.

I have a problem..office aku tak ada orang nak jual kuih raya ths year. so till now, aku belum order kueh lagi pun..macam mana ni. have to call Shima and ask her..Minah Singgah tu mesti ada kaki punya.

till then..ciao

oh ya..terlupa. i'm under pressure now. hubby sort of force me to pakai tudung..tapi aku tak ready ..how laaaaa

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My club !!

Ths week memang lazy week for me. No mood to work since i found out about the issues i wrote in my last entry. But despite lazy-lazy pun still have to finish all works, work goes on just not as efficient as my normal self lor.

At least i got few good news today, our merit aka performance bonus will be in by tomorrow, the increment by end of ths mth (curious on the percentage hmmm) so mokcik kayo hahahha *evil laugh*

Anyway, i dont want to talk about all above here. Since ths week a non productive week for me kan, i spend time browsing thru the web, checking things for fun. Since i'm quite into cars nowadays, i checked fews owners club site. At first i onlt look at few mid range car punya owner's club..then getting more curious and start checking almost all car makers that i can think of. LOL. 5 days checking and before i started to get addicted i conclude:

1. There are so many people yang suka berforum in internet, age doesnt matter. 1 of the high end range car club, most of the forumers are above 35 yrs old (i know since they hv event gallery with their names to it) and yet they have something to say every other minutes. Thought only young cikus saja suka berforum.. huh.. U guys don't know how to use email mehhh ???..hahahha u ols must be curious now kan..let me give u a clue, the brand is 5 letters and it's for life..go figure LOL

2. Some of clubs are really professional. They only share infos and updates about their beloved carmakers. No nonsense other things are discussed in their forum..they keep their private thought privately.. clue ?? my ultimate driving machine la

3. Few clubs, there's no discussion on the technical or the car capabilities pun. All topics are about cars for sale even skim cepat kaya pun ada hahahaha..that's real funny. check out our second nation's pride.

Actually the list can go on and on and on but since i have to finish up my materials for tomorrrow meeting i stop here, otherwise sampai pagi la kerja. ciao

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Malas nak layan orang gila

I'm pissed and when i'm pissed i tend to start my nonsense rambling. My current work is so stressful that when i heard that people mengumpat about me i feel very upset. usually i will just brush it off. yelah nobody perfect and some people they are so free they like to gossips around. malas nak layan

But i'm pissed and upset and errr.. i'm trying to find the exact words to describe my feeling but can't think of any. Anyway, inilah orang melayu..i didnt generalize melayu semua sama OK..but in my current workplace ramai yang perangai gini..memang aku cannot stand it. It's my nature, i says things that i think. i'm opinionated but not necesary i'm right. i accept that fact. i'm stubborn but not that stubborn.

Now when i'm involve with a project at a corporate level, i found out that some of my team members is upset whenever i gave comments about their research findings. Said that i want to tunjuk pandai la, berlagak la.. what the hell..NO wonder la.. i realized in many meetings i've attended, communication is only by the person and the boss. nobody else said anything. the person present the materials to the boss and only boss gave comments. others juts kept quiet. no wonder la the company is in such a bad state.

Remind me that the first week i joined the project, one of the sr management called me after the meeting and apologize if i'm hurt with some of his comments made during the weekly meeting. I'm like huh ??? Told him i'm OK. I can accept criticism and i take it as a challenge to improve. hey normal la how can we improve unless we listen to criticism, take it positively and improve. Aku tak paham betul la orang yg cannot accept kritikan nih.. apa dia ingat dia tu perfect ker terrer sangat sampai semua orang tak boleh comment. eventhough questions asked are valid..
Kalu cannot accept critic pegi la dok dalam hutan sorang2 dengan monyet..mesti tak ada org criticss.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Remembering Juna

I got to know that one of my childhood friend just pass away due to breast cancer. My mom told me that. Asking me whether i still remember Zuraini. of course i remember Juna, tht's what we all called her. I told mom of course i remember and the rest of the class as well since she's the first fren yang kawin. Nothing special rite but in Juna case it's special because she got married when she was 15. Yup, that's when we were in Form 3, study for our SRP.

I remember at that time memang heboh satu kelas, Juna kena paksa kawin by her dad sebab kantoi dating belakang rumah. In typical Kelantanese kampong, jumpa anak dating malam-malam is a big deal, eventhough baru pukul 8 lebih. No dad can tolerate such thing in kelantan those days..and mind you i'm still young OK so those days tu not so long ago.

We lost contact thereafter. My mom did sampaikan salam dia to me as and when they bump into each others. Mom said Juna meniaga kat pasar but i never have a chance to meet her, never during my short trip back eventhough quite few no. of times aku pi pasar teman mom.

So when i heard the news, sadness did wash over me. I do not know if she's having a good life or not but i do pray for her. Looking back, i just can't help wondering what will happen to her if she didnt marry that early. She's smart kid, as smart as i am. if i can be in the position i am now, i'm sure she can as well.

But that's fate. With that, breast cancer had taken away 2 frens of mine at this young age. Alfatihah to Juna and Olin.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm not a superwoman

It's been quite sometimes since i last wrote here. Time flies so fast i didnt even realize that it's been a month. I dont even realize that now is already August. The year almost end and yet i didnt have any achievement in my life.. sad huh

I've been busy lately with work. For people who know me will knew that whenever i'm super busy, i will easily burnt out. Emotionally unstable, tetiba sedih la, tetiba upset la, sometimes without any reason.

I was removed from my dept and was selected to involve in a very important task force. Huh, at first i thought WTH..but when i was briefed that the task force is reported directly the President, then i know how important it is lah. I can't talk much about this since it's highly confidential. What i want to talk about is how stressful i am since i'm involve with ths project. Yelah, i'm so kiasu i want to be the best in everything that i do, i can accept criticism and comments but at the same time i make sure i improved so i do not received the same comment thereafter.

So for the first 1 month doing that project i'm trying to be superwoman. Siang malam kerja, weekend pun sama. Kesian my husband, aku tak ada masa nak layan dia. Luckily every weekdays nite dia pegi gym so when he back at 10.30, i just prepare hot drink for him and i can continue with my work. At first i feel OK la, very stress but thought i can handle it.

But now come to 2nd months, i started to get tired of this lifestyle or i shud say this no life of mine. Seriously, i cannot tahan. My life only involve 2 aspect, 1 is work until late nite or until everybody want to go back so i have to leave as well since aku ni penakut (trust me Dayabumi memang banyak benda yang pelik2 hahaha) and when i reach home, i continue working until midnite. It's been months since i last went out with friends. I can't even remember when was the last time i went shopping.

So today, i conclude that i'm not a superwoman. I dont have to be a kiasu girl like i used to be when i was single. I got other commitment now. My life is not circle around my job only. I have other life as well. I NEED to have the other life.

So, boss, don't get angry. I can only do my level best. i want to be excellent but not super excellent, i just don't have enough enery for that anymore.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hi Again

well well well..

i'm backkk.. huh. now finally my life settled quite fine, i can start writing again. what to write ?? soooo many things.. but since i'm the queen of simplicity, i'll make a long story short.

1st - we have had a family vacation minus 1 sibling. it was quite sometimes since 7 of us sit together as a family. so despite of Beja not able to make it, we just go ahead with the plan. and fun did we have. i can see happiness in my mom's eyes. dah lama anak2 dia tak berkumpul even masa raya, ada yg balik dulu, ada yg balik later, so dah lama tak ada get together session. eventhough we keep updates thru emails tapi itu not counted.

2nd - i'm participating in KKP tht stand for Karnival Keluarga Petronas. Itu yearly event and i never bother with it before. But ths time since i kena jadi bidan terjun for woman chess representing maritime , OK la join saja. So after more than 10 years, i finally touch the chess set again..hahahha resultnyer..huh not to bad for first timer and conclusionnya, ladies players memang tak terrer lansung. i was told yang every year org yg sama saja main so aku pun puzzle apsal still tak pandai lagi..hahahaha

3rd - i've just change something biggggg.. so now commitment makin bertambah. wah hopefully my increment ths year can cover the cost lerr..

4th - June is an extremely busy month for me, so now it's over i can give a breath of relief....

I'll tell u what's happening in office in netx post. macam-macam ada..

Friday, June 5, 2009

yup yup yup.. i know i know..

u guys out there dont hv to remind me.. i know dah lama didnt write here..i'm just too busy and too lazy to write.. ave u heard of brain drain ??? tht's what happene to me now.. i'm brain drain.. can't think properly.. so hushhhh.. i'll write when i feel like it.. ok ??

bye bye for now

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Confession of ex Shopaholic

I didn't think it was actually possible to be a shopaholic, I thought I was just bad with money. However, when my life has been the most stressful, I have always run up to shopping complex. I am obsessed with spending money and shopping. Its not that i don't know how to stop, it just the way I am. My husband pays all of our bills and all other expenses but yet my life saving is not much. I am so glad that we have not merged our money to date, because we would have nothing if I had access to it..hahahha

Last weekend I watch Oprah and she’s talking to American’s most thriftiest mom. There’s some lesson learnt. Shopaholic is a recognised addiction. It’s hard to break but it’s not impossible.

Let me list down what the American’s thriftiest mom did to save money:-

1. List down all the items before go out to malls – check whether it’s necessity or just a pleasure to have
2. Shop only during sales. You will be amazed by end of the year, how much money can be save by doing this.
3. Always compare price, buy groceries at the cheapest place
4. Pay bills on time – if u cannot pay bills that means u not suppose to have money to shop.
5. Throw all yr plastics. Credit card memang menyusahkan. U tend to overspent. So if u can’t control yr spending, use cash. Bila cash habis, no more shopping ler.

I always have problem to save money before. It’s because whenever I try to save money I refrain myself from doing things that I like. Now I realize that is not the right way doing it. I mean how long can I refrain myself from entertain and pampering myself. I just had to be smart in doing it. American thriftiest mom is so right. We can splash now and then but yet still save money. Like in KL, there’s always opening promotion la or anniversary promotion la, mother’s day promotion la. So instead of sign up for a course in Spa or facial, go for the shop which is in offer. And I’m thinking if facial how, I use different product but last week I did some research and I’m amazed that I can find 3 beauty centre who is carrying a well known expensive brand is on promotion. Instead of paying $300 like I normally did for facial I can do the exact same thing for only $69. Huh.. Same thing for hair care and spa.

So actually saving money is not so difficult at all. I just need to put some effort and research. Well I hope this finding will give me a satisfying, enjoyable and balanced life.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Family Day

Finally after 2 years planning, my department berjaya jugak did our family day. Of course la since CEO *tht's stand for Chief Event Organizer* gila kuasa dah balik from Dubai. Nak harapkan budak2 ni hampeh.. Apparently they do miss me a lot.. Since CEO gila kuasa kena posting ke Dubai, depa punya events dok takat stage borak2 masa teh tarik saja but resultnyer tarak..

Since now CEO gila kuasa dah back to HQ, so busy la dept ni with macam2 aktiviti esp karaoke since organizer kan karaoke queen despite that suara macam katak hahahaha.

Staffs, spouses and kids - Business Solutions & Development team

My comittee member in red.

Budak2 paling seronok that day since hadiah depa macam2..Masa ni la sapa2 yg ramai anak tu untung besar. Ada yang sampai kena tumpang keta org lain bawak barang ..

posing before beraksi. ahaks
Ini the actual karaoke queen - suara tak boley lawan

Flying fox yang ramai kecut2 perut before buat
We have lots of fun that day..Semua suka .errr maybe ada yg tak suka jugak kot but who berani complaint to CEO giler kuasa..hahahaha

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Green eyed monster

Today memang an "exciting" day. Started in the morning when only while parked my car at the office basement realized that i forgot to bring my laptop..huh furthermore today is my appraisal day, all data in that laptop..matilah.

As expected by mid morning, boss called. it's my turn for the appraisal. Lucky me since system ada sikit problem tadi, i am spared. we'll continue tomorrow hahahha i felt quite lucky by then..

While busy with works, one of my colleague Mrs N datang bergossip with me and one of my staff came trotting..rupa2nya to defend herself. Here's the story ...

During our family day last weekend, there's a session for flying fox for sapa2 yang nak buat. So ada one colleague ni let's call her Mrs A, her husband Mr A decided to joined the session. Mrs A since dia penakut decided not to join and just lepak tunggu kat bawah, landing spot. Nothing bad happened everybody enjoyed themselves semua happy2 and of coz ada yg takut2 and gelak2..but overall semua fun. Come today, timbul cerita that there'a another colleague let's called her Ms S try to flirt with Mr A during the session.

So itu la gossipnya..patutla aku nampak pagi2 depa dah dok soksek soksek rupanya ada cerita menarik. My staff tu terus cakap that it wasn't her yang start the gossip. Mrs A asked her and she just answer since she said that it's not proper for Ms S to sit nearby Mr A. BUT at the same time she also told me in secrecy (means not to tell anybody else which i'm telling now since i quite pissed with ths whole thing) that Mr A try to mesra2 with her sister during the weekend but her sister avoids him. What's that ??

Since aku busy today, tak sempat really give piece of my mind. Just told them not to be nasi tambah..memandai2 tambah cerita. This kind of things can be very serious. Women jealousy has no boundary. macam-macam boleh jadi.

Anyway, now i want to give pieces of my mind which :-

1. Gedik girls senang nampak. if they are gediks and like to flirt with everybody, it's rather obvious. Ms S can be a bit manja sometimes but she's not gedik. And i seriously dont think that she will flirt with her colleague husband (esp within same dept which we are quite close to each others)

2. There's different view from different people. Most of the people when asked said that they didnt notice if there's any flirting happened. There's only 1 or 2 people who said that she's flirting. So ?? My take.. different people, different opinion. people with open mind and unjudgemental will said nothing happened. people who is a bit conservative and judgemental will say that it's too much.

3. It's easy to blame other girl. I asked my staff, why she didnt tell Mrs A that Mr A try to mesra with her sister ?? Since when, when man flirt it's OK but if a girl flirt, she's a slut ?? excuse my language people..i'm too lazy to think of better words.

4. I blame to sapa2 yang bawak cerita ni. Yes maybe there's something but what if there's nothing.. what if nothing really happened up there, just a young girl getting excited doing new thing for the first time with a bunch of new people that she just got to know and try to be nice to..

5. if it's me..i will asked Ms S for clarification. if i think she's too much, i will said so. Just tell straight to her face that i dont like that she's talking to my husband in over frendly manner. Case close

Life is too short & especially too exciting to be jealous of anyone and what they possess. As for me , I only live my life and don't seek out to live someone elses. I always give my honest opinions and try to be as fair as possible. And i've learned not to be judmental. So keep rolling your eyes people because everytime you do... I know I've done something right!! hahahaha (I'm such an ass!!!)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Little less conversation

It's been a while since i last wrote here. I havent been good keeping every one updated on various happening of my life. Not that they are interested anyway hahaha.

Well what can i say, old habit hard to die. I'm always like this whenever i'm busy with works, every thing else become less important and that's including personal life. Always wanted to change it but like i said old habit hard to die.

Tomorrow my department is going to have our family day. Since i'm the PM for ths event, memang la super busy ths few days. Tambahan all my staffs are not in the office ths week, outstations la, attend conference la, MC la so memang la pening kepala boss. We are lucky that the resort make all the arrangement and coordinate the event so we dont have to think too much, just settle the goody bags and prizes.

Let's hope the event go well so nobody will complaints..not that people dare to do that..i found out that apparently my colleagues are scared of me hahhahah.. am i that fierce ker ???

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sad Story

Today when i reached home from work, got a shock of my life. Lampu rumah, tingkap semua terbuka. Since my husband is outstation and i just talked to him while driving back i'm sure it's not him. My sister and brother alway call or sms before they come. So u can imagine why i'm scared and quite reluctant to step into the house until i saw a familiar helmet belong to my bro.

Tengok2 masa tu di downstairs buang sampah for me. Rupa-rupanya datang rumah nak mengadu nasib. My brother study in ITM and share a terrace house with another 9 boys. His house in Shah Alam, Sect 7 was rob that morning. Semua HP. laptop and cash kena curi. That's why la dia datang senyap2, no Hp to call me.

He was home since 6 + waiting and praying for me to come back early. of coz la bila ada masalah he's looking for me, aku kan banker dia. Luckily hari ni awal sikit, by 8 i've reached home. Anyway, kita bersyukur sebab the thieves didnt take all the motorbike..Kalu tak mesti semua budak2 tu menangis teruk.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baru ada masa nak story about my trip to KK. What a fun trip. Eventhough ramai but since all of us respect each others interest so we manage to see and do what everybody wanna do.

Rombongan mak "chick" kiah ke KK with the driver - Tahir..our colleague yg jaga one of our project kat sana. Sian mamat tu dah dekat nak setahun kat sana and maybe kena further extend if current project tu ada diversion. Thanks to Tahir, semua tempat we ols dapat pegi dengan jayanya.

Ini dekat Mt. Kinabalu park. Most of the climber will start their climbing from this Timpohon gate. Unfortunately masa we ols sampai it started to rain so x dapek ler nak camwhoring banyak2.

Gaya Street Market where they sell all the cheap stuff..tapi tak banyak choice ler.

Manukan Jetty.

Now we started to plan our next makchick kiah holiday..destination ?? rahsia..hahaha

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Success Story ???

My company is going to have a CSR in one of the school in Selangor tomorrow. Sapa2 yang tak tau, CSR is corporate social responsibility. Since our last financial year (event yang ni kira terlambat sikit) CSR theme is Youth development makanya we are concentrating on schools student development. Dah macam2 event dah whole company separated by OPUs buat. Sapa2 rajin baca paper or masuk website company aku mesti nampak cerita2 pasal CSR ni.

Back to my story, this time i was appointed as 1 of the speaker during sharing session. I was asked to share my success stories. Tapikan the problem is i dont think i'm that successful. I'm too young to be that successful. All successful people suppose to be older than 35 unless your parent kaya raya yang boleh bagi jalan to be young, rich and successful.

I think myself as biasa-biasa saja. Yes i'm doing quite well for my age but so as many others.. There's a person who had asked me before what made me who i am now..fyi, he look at me as one successful lady, above average compared to others.. and i remeber i told him that i'm not that successful, there are so many things that i have yet to achieve.

This has made me thinking, had i stayed in my previous company, i'll be the no. 3 in the ranking and mind you it is a huge international company.. no regret though, who can tahan kerja like mad. no personal life at all. at that time, my life is my work. if continue husband mana can tahan.

Writing this ..i still have no idea what i'm going to talk about tomorrow hmmmm

Friday, April 3, 2009

Land Below the Wind

After 2 mths planning, finally the day come. Tomorrow i'm going to Sabah with another 11 friends. It all started when my colleagues started planning to travel and all sort of ideas came up, Bandung la, Jakarta la, Bangkok la, Hong Kong la, Langkawi la. The destination change every hour. we sort of like desperate to go somewhere..anywhere..

So when MAS advertise of their low fare, the morning the advertisement came out, we check the internet and after checking fare and everything, decided that we are going to BKI. How much is our fare ?? MYR 138/person return including tax. that's almost like 20% of original fare. even cheaper than Air Asia.

Now, my bag is pack and i'm ready to go. I'm sure we'll have great fun.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Last Saturday I went to watch movie – Knowing starring Nicholas Cage. Dah lama sangat tak tengok wayang. Usually it’s 1 of husband and I punya aktiviti bila dah tak ada benda lain nak buat.

So went to 1 utama and since dah lama tak pegi, GSC theatre pun dah lupa kat mana hahahaha. Anyway, I chose Knowing sebab nampak trailer dia macam OK saja and I like Nick Cage, without further checking on the story terus beli tiket. So the verdict is OK-OK saja la. My husband even tertido-tido sebab boring. It’s about premonition and end of the world thingy plus aliens and a little bit of suspense here and there. Tapi if u ask me, tak tengok pun tak apa. My rating for it is just 2.5 ** saja.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

And the fight begin...

Ths few days ni memang I hate my boss day.. macam-macam hal. It started with tak jadi pindah office which all of us memang really hope that we will move out sebab office sekarang memang too congested. And bila aku kena marah pasal administration things memang la aku tensen. Tambah lagi kena marah pasal account which is not mine. Anyway, colleague2 aku memang dah warn boss kita org ni pelik sikit. Since dia head ths dept masa aku pi Dubai so memang tak sempat nak kenal dia till now.

So do I regret choosing ths dept ? Not until that stage la since the experience and knowledge that I gain is more valuable dari kena marah dengan boss. Lagipun I already choose my career path so better stick to it. No pain no gain kan.. macam Karam Singh Walia said bersusah-susah dahulu bersenang-senang kemudian.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Powerful Eagle

Sekarang ni asyik busy saja. Back from Penang sampai sekarang not feeling well. Itu mesti sebab masuk plant. Now ths week I was involve with a 1 week program arranged by the Group. Eventhough duduk in Impiana Spa and Resort sebelah KLCC, nak jalan KLCC pun tak sempat lagi. Everyday the sessions sampai malam.

There are 13 managers from various business units and subsidiaries involve in the program. First day, before we start with other things, we have to do personality test. Well, all of us hv done lots of personality test before since personal development memang dititik beratkan in my company. So, I know my personality, my strength and weaknesses. All ths while I know that I’m an eagle or some test call it choleric, but ths recent test had shown that my eagles personality dah jadi makin dominant. No wonder aku ni makin teruk. FYI, they called the personality as powerful eagle. Most of the time it’s my way, I’m always right, kind of attitude. Jenis yang nak menang saja and hate losing. Stubborn, domineering, and dictatorial.

There’s no good or bad personality and all of our personality is a combination of few others, tapi yang mana paling dominan akan membentuk a person.

Do I like being and eagle ?? the answer is yes and no. I like being in control but I realize that sometimes when we are domineering and dictatorial it was perceived as harsh to others.

Research showed that people can’t change their personality. We have no control of it. So if we are not in control macam mana nak berubah ?? I should develop my sanguine side more lah so I will not be perceived as boss perempuan gila yang suka marah orang.. L

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday with Thai..

I pampered myself a lot. My principle is since i worked hard, i must spend the money on myself. I rewards myself regularly either it's new handbag, new shoes or just saloon and spa. It's a must do thing for me. Otherwise i'll be one miserable lady.
So after many days postponing, today got myself a massage. I'm actually looking for traditional massage where makcik tua will betulkan urat2 aku while aku menahan sakit kena urut..hahaha. But unfortunately the best makcik tua fully booked until another 2 weeks. So i settled for 2nd choice. The best Thai massage in town Thai Odessy. Usually i go to Midvalley' branch tapi today notice that they have another branch in Bandar Kinrara which is closer to my place.
So petang tadi hujan2 pun pegi jugak and ahhh..it's like heaven. Now that my body dah refreshed, can't wait for my appointment with makcik tua.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Malu nya aku

Today memang malu. Dah lama tak kena macam ni. FYI, i always be extra careful whenever i meet men. I will not hulur tangan to shake unless unless they offer their hand first.

This morning disebabkan laksa johor yang best giler cooked by my colleague, i dah terlari from my schedule. If you know me, then u know that i'm a very punctual person. Tak suka lambat and tak suka tunggu orang. If i'm late i will call to tell people i'll be late, i will not let people tertunggu-tunggu. So bila dah lambat macam-macam la nak jadi, yelah dah panic kan..

Anyway, peristiwa yang memalukan tu is aku nak shake hand tapi tak berbalas..hahahha and worst is customer aku tu pun macam panic jugak don't know what to say and macam serba salah..so awkward and i'm so embarassed. I blame myself la jugak. Never judge a book by it's cover. memang la the customer look macam OK saja tak nampak macam alim sangat but who knows kan..

So, lesson to be learnt for me...hahaha

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

good morning ?

malasnya nak update blog. kalu bukan sebab my sis dah bagi sarcastic hint memang tak update la blog ni. macam biasa busy is the excuse la.. bila dah sehari mengadap komputer kat ofis dont feel like nak tengok lagi dah bila balik rumah.

like my sister said, kat Dubai aku big boss so tak busy sangat tapi pressure yang teramat. bila dah balik KL banyak lagi big boss kat atas so i'm back to jadi kuli, busy yang teramat tapi pressure kurang. so dari dulu lagi aku memang tak jeles kat orang2 yang jadi big boss sebab i know they have to face tremendous pressure.

hmmm.. tengok member2 Dubai pegi Umm Al Quwain memang jeles. our crab trip last time tak menjadi sebab masa plan nak pegi tu bukan musim dia. so frustrated. almost semua tempat kat UAEtu aku dah merayap tapi tak pernah sampai situ.

this morning terlupa pulak nak bawak hp. it's always like that, i know that there's something wrong macam tertinggal something tapi tak tau apa.. actually bagus la jugak so tak ada la ramai org cari..hahahhaa

Anyway, now update blog while waiting for a meeting. need to present a logisics study about a landlocked country. kalau berjaya, makan angin la aku.. wish me luck :-)

Monday, March 2, 2009


Semalam memang hibernating day. Ingat nak kemas rumah la, spring clean all the clothes yang tak muat tu so semua baju2 aku yg terlipat cantik atas katil tu finally boleh masuk closet. Unfortunately, Starworld ada Heroes Season 3 marathon. So lepas cooked nasi lemak for breakfast, dari pagi sampai malam aku jadi potato couch tengok tv.

Semua benda terus tak jadi buat, Heroes season 3 memang best. No more save the cheerleader save the worlds. Unlike Lost yang makin mengarut and aku dah malas nak ikut dah, Heroes makin best.

New season will start by mid March, dah tak sabar-sabar dah.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Indians rock ???

Everything is about Indian ths year.

Slumdog Millionaire wins big in all awards. MIA yang ada Indian blood with her Paper Planes song jadi famous (well she is an accomplished artist but basically unknown internationally) and now my best friend, Ilynn is going to Dubai to join her boyfren (who all of us frens don’t like), Indian guy from India.

I’m not a racist, I have few Indian friends but universally, Indians are associated with cocky, arrogant, putar belit bunch of people. Ilynn’s boyfren is typical Indian guy with all character mentioned earlier. Memang menyampah. At least I can still act decent and polite whenever we meet each other, tapi another fren, Janelle memang tak bagi muka punya. Everytime jumpa memang bergaduh and I can imagine mesti Ilynn pening.

I’m sad that my best friend is leaving. We have known each other for so long and all of us have gone through so many things together, thru all the happiness, sadness, broken hearts, and life changes. She does always give her shoulder to cry on. A big sister(despite younger in age) who would look after a bunch of crazy young girls who at times do crazy things, to make sure at the end we always do the right things.

I’m against the move and she’s very much aware about it. In fact I have tried to avoid her for the past 3 weeks. So many lunch and dinner dates were cancelled with many excuses given. I’m sure dia terasa hati with me. But I can’t help it, I have to show my protest kan ?? All my gang is leaving me. Pris is now happily settled in Italy, Janelle is in Bahrain, Ferin..ahhh my dear Ferin, what happened to you girl ?? and the fren that I love the most, Ilynn is now leaving me too. Nanti kalu aku bergaduh dengan husband, I don’t have anybody to talk to ..huhhuhuhu

Anyway, Ilynn is leaving in first week of March. Need to meet-up before her departure. We have been fren long enough for me to act this cruel while she always support my decision even though she’s totally disagree with it. And i have to accept the fact that the guy had beat me..hmm macam competition la pulak..

So now, my dear friend, I wish you joy, happiness, love and all the best in the world. GODSPEED ..

eventhough i don't like most of the Indians but Slumdog Millionaire remain one of my fave movies of all time. :-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jahatnya Manusia

I’m writing this entry in anger.

Baru sedap2 nak tido sebab hari ni balik awal after long hard work, tengok2 my husband called. He’s at Caltex in front of our house and dia cerita ada mat rempit ni bawak laju and terlanggar keta an Indian. This happened kat Caltex tu la..motor mat rempit tu terpeleset masuk bawak keta and mat rempit tu terpatah kaki dia. The Indian tu called ambulance and try to help since mat rempit tu budak lagi. My husband cakap looks like 14 or 15 yrs old saja.

Tengok2 lepas tu ntah macam mana, ramai2 geng mat rempit came to the Caltex and tolak2 the Indian driver and his fren sampai ke jalan and lepas tu pegi pukul ths 2 guys. I asked my husband apsal org2 dekat Caltex tak tolong and he answer was ramai sangat mat rempit macam more than 30 people and semua passerby tak berani nak masuk campur including himself. Masa my husband left the gas station tu, sorang Indian tu bengkak seluruh badan tapi still alive and another 1 dah tak bergerak lansung. Tak tau la nasib dia macam mana.

I’m angry. Angry with the police yang terlalu corrupt sampai tak pernah buat kerja, angry with the government, angry at mak bapak yang tak mengajar anak-anak. Angry with rakyat Malaysia yang take things for granted. Angry with mat rempit yang semuanya Melayu. Angry with all stupid politicians yang sibuk berpolitik dari menguruskan Negara.. arghh angry with everything. (also, I’m angry a bit with passersby incl husband aku yang tengok saja without taking any action, but at the same time, I think I wud do the same if I’m there. Orang dah gila bukannya kisah sapa2, pukul saja)

I’m sure esok, if ths case masuk paper, police will says that it’s nothing, story will be twisted so tak nampak teruk. I’m not surprise if lepas ni the Indian guy punya families revenge pulak. Bukannya tak pernah happened.

At the end, we are human being, tak kira la apa race pun. Nobody deserve to be treated in that manner. Kalau dah terrrer sangat pegi la “gochoh” 1 to 1 buat apa panggil geng ramai2 pukul sorang. Itu bodo namanyer.

My heart goes out to the victims. Hope both of them are OK.
*sigh*.. this afternoon, officially my life back to normal.

Since last week, everyday work until midnight. Macam nak mati dah.. or worst dah jadi ugly aunty since skin so dry, rambut tak sempat blow, simple make-up, comfort shoes instead of heels.. memang horrendous.

Dah seminggu tak tengok matahari, keluar rumah at 6.30 and balik dah midnight. So busy sampai tak ada masa nak check on husband dah makan ke belum..sorry la darling.

So this afternoon after all done, just realize how horrendous I looked for the past few days. Dah lama tak kerja until late nite esp since I joined my current company. Kalau previous company, 24 x 7 memang tak cukup and tht’s what made me decided to leave despite everything that I love there (I promise to tell the story soon)

Remind me of Auntie Zoey, work till late nite everyday but still look so cun thereafter.. wah wah wah :-)

Now that age is catching up, memang rasa penat unlike when i'm in 20's, everyday balik lambat pun OK saja. hmmm dah tua rupernya aku..hahha

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Best movie in this Millenium ????

Lots of hype about it, definitely I need to see it for myself. I’m talking about Slumdog Millionaire. Yes la. the movie that get people talking. Won many awards and love by critics.

So this afternoon I watched it at home. It is really a good movie, somewhat heart wrenching.

As I suspected, Indian hate ths movie, claimed that portrayal of poverty is a little too extreme. Since I never been to India, I can’t judge.

Anyway, I really recommend for all to watch it. In a way, it remind me how lucky I am with what I have. There’s so many other people in ths world who aren’t so lucky but yet, they are thankful with what little things they have.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Truth will find you

I heard rumors.. biasala kan bad things spread very fast. I realize that the subject of the gossip at the end will always know about it. So this time, i’m the subject. Anyway, i never really care about what people says about me. As long as i live my life honestly, why should i care. What you see is what you get. If we can get along, we can be friends if not than too bad, we will just be a familiar faces that have met somewhere.

How fickle minded people can be. In a way, i’m still naive in this part. I always look at things on positive manner. When people make a bad remarks, i treat it as a joke. I’m not a person who easily kecil hati with nonsense.

Seriously, life won’t be much fun if you look at everything and everyone on negative side. It is very tiring isn’t it ??? For me, even if i’m upset with things at work, all my energy is drained lagilah if upset with life..memang miserable..

So this entry is dedicated to all of you miserable losers out there. Live your life, enjoy it, don’t be sad, don’t be mad, life is much more beautiful if you look at things on positive perspective... and jangan suka dok mengata orang noooo..nobody’s perfect including yourself.. peace to the world.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Toughest race on Earth

They called it the toughest race on earth...A race extraordinaire, only possible in Alaska.

I have add Iditarod trail race as a must see things before i die.

A race over 1150 miles of the roughest, most beautiful terrain Mother Nature has to offer. Across jagged mountain ranges, frozen river, dense forest, desolate tundra and miles of windswept.

As mentioned in their official web, the Iditarod Trail, now a National Historic Trail, had its beginnings as a mail and supply route from across Alaskan towns. Mail and supplies went in. Gold came out. All via dog sled. Heroes were made, legends were born.

In 1925, part of the Iditarod Trail became a life saving highway for epidemic-stricken Nome. Diphtheria threatened and serum had to be brought in; again by intrepid dog mushers and their faithful hard-driving dogs.

The Iditarod is a commemoration of those yesterdays, a not-so-distant past that Alaskans honor and are proud of.

This year race is next month, so memang tak sempat for me already. Since i have no new year resolution this year, i promise myself to save money so i can go all across Alaska to see the race in 2011. 2 tahun sempat la simpan $$$$ kan... :-). wish me luck..

Friday, January 30, 2009

Malas or Busy ??

People asking me why i didn't update my blog as frequent as before. Aku dah agak dah bila balik KL mesti blog akan jarang2 di updatekan. Sebabnya dah tak ada banyak masa dah. In Dubai stress tapi not busy but in KL terbalik super busy tapi stress kurang. Kat ofis jangan harap la nak buat kerja mengarut. The work load is heavy enough tak ada masa for other things.

Kat rumah, balik dah lambat (u know KL traffic la), lepas tu nak prepare dinner lagi, nak kemas rumah lagi, nak tengok tv lagi, mana ada masa nak berblogging.... (sounds familiarkan..exucse excuse excuse..hahhaha)

Anyway, I will try to update as regular as i can, i promise :-) ..

p/s Now i tengah update blog sambil buat reflexology sebab tak boleh masuk office, tak bawak card. Bila Jumaat budak2 ni mesti rewang mana2 sebab lunch time sampai 2hrs so nobody at office to open the door for me. So instead of lunch, i opt for reflex murah beb, 1hrs cuma $30.. hahahha..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's in Uzbek ????

Wikipedia kata Uzbekistan is a former part of Soviet Union. It share borders with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyztan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

But what else in Uzbek ya ??? Ada tempat shopping or sight-seeing yang best-best ka ?? After done few googles, I concludes that Uzbek ada:-

1. Banyak historical places yang best-best (to name fews are Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva..sounds familiar rite..nak tau pi check sendiri)

2. Shopping – not able to get infos. Tapi mesti ada kan otherwise macam mana dia org hidup..

3. Public transport quite OK.

4. Tempat tu mesti giler tak best.

So conclusion nyer ??? Memang susah nak dapatkan info pasal Uzbek nih..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting used to the changes..

Malas saja nak write things.

I’m in a stage of losing my mind and reasons are:

1. The 14 boxes of personal items that I brought back from Dubai is still lying at my living room. Tak tau dah nak letak mana.

a. Almari baju semua dah penuh, dah tak ada tempat nak fit in baju baru. So cannot unpack
bag2 baju
b. Almari buku semua dah penuh, so cannot unpack boxes of books
c. Lepas dah bagi orang kasut2 yang aku tak nak pakai, shoe cabinet still lagi penuh and tak
dapat nak fit in some of the shoes. So now I have like 10+ shoe boxes yang tak ada tempat
nak letak.
d. Dah pening kepala nak re-organize things in the house

Sekarang ni aku dah decides that I need to buy a 8 bedroom house so besides bedrooms for adik2 aku yang selalu melepak masa weekend, aku boleh buat 1 room for clothes, 1 room for shoes/bag, 1 room for books/magazines, 1 room for me to sepahkan with nonsense things that I bought eventhough I don’t need it. Anybody want to donate money huh ???

2. My new job assignment is in KLCC…and I hate it. KLCC and me is not a good match OK. Just imagine, kaki shopping who use excuse of shopping as a stress reliefs, and to put her in that big bad shopping mall is just an evil act. Like my fren, Putri said, better be careful, tempat tu berhantu.. yup berantu la since masa masuk duit ada banyak dalam wallet, tapi lepas kluar ntah macam mana duit dah hilang, paper bag saja yang banyak2 pegang kat tangan..LOL..
Adoiiiii.. seriously I hate it till the extend that I’m thinking of resigning…hahahaha that show how serious I am.

3. There’s some changes on my company top management. Biasala kan when there’re changes, people tend to get nervous. Seriously, aku dah nak termuntah with all those rumours and assumptions and etc etc.. For me senang saja, if you are extremely not happy with your workplace or your superior or whatever lah and just can’t stand it anymore, just resign saja lor.. buat apa nak pening2 kan otak sendiri and also otak kawan2 yang lain ie. yours truly ler..

4. KL traffic yang teruk gilerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. aku actually dah lupa that KL traffic is really really really horrible. OMG..i just can’t stand it..arghhhhhhh..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time to say good bye..

It’s time to say good bye. After 1.2 years in Dubai, i’m back to KL. Yang mula-mula sepatutnya 6 mths dah jadi 1.2 years. Itu pun lepas so much pleading and threatening, baru dapat balik...

I have a good fun 1.2 years. Despite all the “miserableness” and loneliness, i have to admit that i do enjoy my life. Made few good friends, experience & learnt few things and now its time to move on...

Hari tu my boss asked me what will i miss in Dubai ? I said nothing. Tapi now dah balik KL, i surely miss few things..

Things that i will miss:-

1. Friendships & some people (not all OK)
2. Abra rides
3. The beaches (yang 10minit boleh sampai unlike KL, of coz aku bole pi beach in Port Klang kalu nak mandi dengan tikus & minyak hahahha)
4. The money of course
5. Shopping masa Sales
6. Jalan2 masa winter
7. Boots (my fav. pharmacy sebab packaging dia sooo la chantekkks)

Things that i won’t miss:

1. Expensive & fake lifestyle
2. Briyani & Mandy (nak termuntah dah makan LOL..)
3. Everythings in between.

Tapi the most important lesson learnt is that i definitely miss my husband. U see, my husband is a busy man, his job required him to travel often, so i’m used to be separated, to take care of myself. I am an independent strong woman. So, when the management choose me to set-up the office in Dubai, i thought i’ll be OK. After all i’m use to separation. Tapi tengok2, i’m not that strong lerr.. i do miss my husband so much and in a way, i feel guilty that he had to take care of himself esp masa puasa hari tu, memang kesian.

Some people said money can buy happiness but not for me lah. Shopping everyday pun still cannot diminish my misery and rindu to husband. So if shopping (yg by the way is my favourite pastime and stress relief) pun tak boleh cure my miserableness, means money is not important la kan ???

Aint I’m glad that i am home now ..

p/s: thanx to my dear frens yang everyday buat makan farewell sampai jeans aku pun dah ketat sesangat dah..LOLLL

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Next time Fly Emirates...

Ini tengah panas hati nih. I'm now at the airport tengah tunggu nak check in.. Seperti biasa, sebab aku ni patriotik, memang if possible i'll fly with MAS. Hari ni, datang airport at 3.45pm, flight at 6.55pm. memang sengaja datang awal since this is the last time i'll be in Dubai airport(mana la tau kot2 lepas ni tak berpeluang lagi nak datang), thought i'll come early, so i can spend time kat duty free yang aku tak pernah interested nak jengok before.

Tup-tup system down.. lepas tu bodo punya ground crew, tak bagi info kat semua passengers. semua dok tunggu macam orang bodo....

Now at 5.33pm, i'm still waiting (ini tak check in lagi ni tau)..macam mana aku nak round duty free nihhhhhhh... arrrrghhhh..

SOOOOOO.. next time no more Malaysia Airline..dah tak ada patriotik2 dah. dah la kapal terbang buruk, foods tak sedap, ini will be the last time i'm flying with MAS...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

One of the oldest continously inhabited city

Dah lama nak pergi, so akhirnya berjaya jugak sampai Syria. Itupun semuanya last minute punya arrangement.

View from the hotel.

Makam Nabi Yahya di Umayyad Mosque

Makam cucu Nabi Muhammad saw - Hussain (masa aku pegi lagi ramai orang dok menangis kat makam Hussain,, guess itu semua mesti Syiah)

Ini makam the famous Saladin jugak in Umayyad Mosque (kalu tak tau sapa Saladin, pi tengok film Kingdom of Heaven

A Bedouin cafe, kat tengah2 desert, on the way to Palmyra.

Cafe's owner, a very nice humble man, a Bedouin himself

Ini wannabe Bedouin..LOL
Below is Palmyra

Below is in Busra..
ni last time a monastery. This is where the Nabi Muhammad pegi berdagang with his uncle masa dia like 7 or 9 yrs old and terjumpa Bahiya Priest who says that Nabi Muhammad saw akan jadi nabi.