Thursday, March 3, 2011

bedroom oh bedroom

Earlier i wrote about nak cari bed side lamp table. I found it finally though i compromise a little bit on the spec since aku agak kedekut lately.

Now, i want to makeover my bedroom. I think it has no zen so not good for yours truly. My sister pun cakap my bedroom tak cun. When i bought the house, it comes with all fittings and fixtures so i just bawak masuk bed and my clothes saja. I actually dont really like the master bedroom even then..guestrooms are much more nicer than my own room.

I guess now it's already hightime for me to do something to the room. Change fengshui a little bit, make it more romantic..who knows i might get "lucky".. if u know what i mean..hahahahahaha
The problem is i'm lack of ideas .. so as usual, i got a help from Mr Google ler.. got few reference here

I love this bedroom. It fulfilled all my specs..well lit, bright, simple yet classy. And look at the mirror on top of the headboard..errr i will let my imagination running wild of it's real function..heeee..

This is much verdict..biasa biasa let's strike out ths come i compare all yg ada mirror facing the bed saja nih..

The bedroom is very simplejust play with the colour of bedsheet, curtains and quilt cover look nice right..

I like this as well..It looks so comfy..tapi what the heck with the curtain atas katil tu..strange

Dah pening dah check what i wanna do with the bedroom..Easy way out get ID to do it kot..but aku kedekut how ler..

Monday, February 28, 2011

Snapshot of my weekend

Last weekend is a lazy yet fulfilled weekend. On Saturday went to a good fren wedding. Since husband not around and sister working, i drag my brother. hehehe kesian him kena buli dengan kakak. Such a beautiful event and both bride and groom looks good. Agak nak menangis when we sesat in Seremban town yang so confusing.

At nite visit my dying uncle at hospital.. Kesian Ayah Chik...panjang cerita dia and looking at him made me think of my father. Adakah nasib abah akan sama macam nasib ayah chik. Left his children when they still small for a younger woman and bila dah tua and sakit, the same children that he left at the end yang jaga dia. Indeed it is a sad day for me.

Now something happy. Watch Julie and Julia yesterday afternoon. That movie has awaken my old desire to be a good cook. Once upon a time, my dream is to open a cafe that soo cozy, the guests dont feel like leaving. I always love cooking and baking..hmmmm copcop..i should rephrase..i dont really like cooking but i like to try recipes. And since most of the foods that i make turn up to be good, being a kiasu person, it is always a pleasure to boast about it heeee.
Watch that movie, made me think that i maybe have to do the same..

I have always made local cuisines, italian and desserts in a form of pudding and cakes. French foods are expensive and so delicate and delicious. If and i mean if i can cook french foods it will be such an accomplishment for kiasu yours truly.

Since i like to entertain and have frens/family coming over for lunch and dinner, think i should try this and made them as my food tester...I will let you all know if i'm going ahead with this project..which remind me of my next party is tea party whc i suppose to make breads and scones and pie and cakes..oh my

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back to civilization ?

Yesterday yours truly back to work. First day biasa la not so busy, catching up with my staffs on some issues and sort things out.

After long leave, macam2 had happened. Wowww..i think new office is not good fengshui..For the time first time, i feel and view a very2 bad office politiking. Not going to talk about it now since so many. Let me just enjoy working peacefully and calmy in ths very good morning. Till then...Ciao

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I will not compromise..

Cheh tajuk macam iyo-yo-or je..hahaha

Semenjak jadi lady of leisure, i hv many ample time to do things yang i cant do masa kerja sebab aku gila kerja. But since aku sakit, i can only do the things that i wanna do in my mind saja hehehe.. Anyway, thts for the past 5 weeks. This week i feel better, the pain is not so visible anymore, so yesterday i went shopping yayyy.

But the problem with my shopping trip is whenever i have things to buy mesti tak jumpa. Last time i will settled for anything even when i don't like it but not anymore. Now i have patient to not to buy until i found the one that exactly like i want.

So what i need now is a face mirror and table lamp. No compromise, i want the design, size and colour exactly like what i saw in magazine.. So selagi tak jumpa aku akan tak jemu2 bershopping and menghabiskan duit ke benda2 yg tak diperlukan sebab barang nak beli x jumpa...yelar kena la ada habis otherwise sia2 je bayar parking.. But i got time..time next thursday when i have to go back to work ... don't know itu whether yay or nay

Friday, February 11, 2011

Desperate housewife ?

I love the view from my bedroom as it's facing the green garden. Ths area is very quiet even on weekend, it's always feel tranquil and serene here. Sometimes it's too quiet, my sister called my place as retiree place.

View from my bedroom. I hate the curtain. Nak tukar tapi tak tertukar2 lagi.

My favourite hang-out area, the dining area. Kat sini la aku buat kerja and at the same time can watch tv also. Curtain itu pun aku tak suka but my husband like it. So for time being it will stay.

Ini view from living room. Since now aku tengah cuti lama and tak sakit sangat macam mula2 lepas operation tu, i have time to jadi gossip girl aka desperate housewives. Lower house at the right belong to young chinese couple, jarang nampak. Atas tu rumah couple melayu. Ada 2 anak kecik. Wife pagi2 pi kerja macam biasa but husband dia x kerja. Tiap ari dok kat rumah jer aku tengok. So untuk berbaik sangka, i assume he work from home ler..hehehe
Left houses, atas bawah belong to old chinese couple. Rumah atas tu tiap2 malam, a not so young guy +- mid 30s, i assume anak dia datang hantar foods. Yg best almost everynite datang naik keta lain2 and yang pastinya semua keta yg mahal2 la.. So far aku dah tengok dia datang naik Merc CLK200, CLS hitam, ada BMW F10 yg baru. Accord pun ada..
Maybe betul la what my sister said, area rumah aku ni meant for old people to stay sebab tu very quiet, serene and tranquil..hah.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cure for neck pain

Kong Xi Fatt Choy to all my chinese frens. Hope ths rabit year will bring you health, love and properity. For a tiger like yours truly, all signs shows that it will not be a good year for me. But a stubborn tiger will not listen and believe to all this nonsense horoscope. Work hard and smart and we will get what we want in life.

Last few days ago, i had a serious neck pain or melayu cakap salah bantal..seriously, it is sooo painful. Never kena before and being a person who scared of pain, it was a torture for me. Can't sleep, can't eat, semua benda tak boleh buat.

I tried all tips and petua orang tua..So who said that petua tu berkesan memangla mengarut..I've tried tepuk bantal, jemur bantal, tepuk bantal kat tengkok, selawat la..everything..but semua tak jadi.. By the third day cannot tahan anymore especially when i had a sleepless night that previous nite, my husband brought me to see the doctor. Unfortunately, the dr just a painkiller injection which reduce the pain for a while. He give some painkiller pill and relaxer pill..but it's all temporary. He said i just have to bare the pain for another 1-2 days as the urat bengkak and will reduce sendiri. OMG, I'm looking for immediate permanent cure.

At last, i found a cure in sinseh medicine..I totally forgot about chinese traditional medicine. Luckily my SIL who's visiting from JB ask me to tried it. Miracle it is, my husband brought back 2 herbs in pill forms and a box of "koyok". That nite, the pain is lesser and by the next morning, the throbbing feel is gone.

Today, i'm totally fine. Yes the stiffness is still there but the throbbing pain is no longer there.

So, sapa2 yang salah bantal tu instead of buat all the nonsense petua, go to sinseh and ask them to help you. Insya Allah berkesan :-)