Monday, March 30, 2009


Last Saturday I went to watch movie – Knowing starring Nicholas Cage. Dah lama sangat tak tengok wayang. Usually it’s 1 of husband and I punya aktiviti bila dah tak ada benda lain nak buat.

So went to 1 utama and since dah lama tak pegi, GSC theatre pun dah lupa kat mana hahahaha. Anyway, I chose Knowing sebab nampak trailer dia macam OK saja and I like Nick Cage, without further checking on the story terus beli tiket. So the verdict is OK-OK saja la. My husband even tertido-tido sebab boring. It’s about premonition and end of the world thingy plus aliens and a little bit of suspense here and there. Tapi if u ask me, tak tengok pun tak apa. My rating for it is just 2.5 ** saja.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

And the fight begin...

Ths few days ni memang I hate my boss day.. macam-macam hal. It started with tak jadi pindah office which all of us memang really hope that we will move out sebab office sekarang memang too congested. And bila aku kena marah pasal administration things memang la aku tensen. Tambah lagi kena marah pasal account which is not mine. Anyway, colleague2 aku memang dah warn boss kita org ni pelik sikit. Since dia head ths dept masa aku pi Dubai so memang tak sempat nak kenal dia till now.

So do I regret choosing ths dept ? Not until that stage la since the experience and knowledge that I gain is more valuable dari kena marah dengan boss. Lagipun I already choose my career path so better stick to it. No pain no gain kan.. macam Karam Singh Walia said bersusah-susah dahulu bersenang-senang kemudian.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Powerful Eagle

Sekarang ni asyik busy saja. Back from Penang sampai sekarang not feeling well. Itu mesti sebab masuk plant. Now ths week I was involve with a 1 week program arranged by the Group. Eventhough duduk in Impiana Spa and Resort sebelah KLCC, nak jalan KLCC pun tak sempat lagi. Everyday the sessions sampai malam.

There are 13 managers from various business units and subsidiaries involve in the program. First day, before we start with other things, we have to do personality test. Well, all of us hv done lots of personality test before since personal development memang dititik beratkan in my company. So, I know my personality, my strength and weaknesses. All ths while I know that I’m an eagle or some test call it choleric, but ths recent test had shown that my eagles personality dah jadi makin dominant. No wonder aku ni makin teruk. FYI, they called the personality as powerful eagle. Most of the time it’s my way, I’m always right, kind of attitude. Jenis yang nak menang saja and hate losing. Stubborn, domineering, and dictatorial.

There’s no good or bad personality and all of our personality is a combination of few others, tapi yang mana paling dominan akan membentuk a person.

Do I like being and eagle ?? the answer is yes and no. I like being in control but I realize that sometimes when we are domineering and dictatorial it was perceived as harsh to others.

Research showed that people can’t change their personality. We have no control of it. So if we are not in control macam mana nak berubah ?? I should develop my sanguine side more lah so I will not be perceived as boss perempuan gila yang suka marah orang.. L

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday with Thai..

I pampered myself a lot. My principle is since i worked hard, i must spend the money on myself. I rewards myself regularly either it's new handbag, new shoes or just saloon and spa. It's a must do thing for me. Otherwise i'll be one miserable lady.
So after many days postponing, today got myself a massage. I'm actually looking for traditional massage where makcik tua will betulkan urat2 aku while aku menahan sakit kena urut..hahaha. But unfortunately the best makcik tua fully booked until another 2 weeks. So i settled for 2nd choice. The best Thai massage in town Thai Odessy. Usually i go to Midvalley' branch tapi today notice that they have another branch in Bandar Kinrara which is closer to my place.
So petang tadi hujan2 pun pegi jugak and's like heaven. Now that my body dah refreshed, can't wait for my appointment with makcik tua.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Malu nya aku

Today memang malu. Dah lama tak kena macam ni. FYI, i always be extra careful whenever i meet men. I will not hulur tangan to shake unless unless they offer their hand first.

This morning disebabkan laksa johor yang best giler cooked by my colleague, i dah terlari from my schedule. If you know me, then u know that i'm a very punctual person. Tak suka lambat and tak suka tunggu orang. If i'm late i will call to tell people i'll be late, i will not let people tertunggu-tunggu. So bila dah lambat macam-macam la nak jadi, yelah dah panic kan..

Anyway, peristiwa yang memalukan tu is aku nak shake hand tapi tak berbalas..hahahha and worst is customer aku tu pun macam panic jugak don't know what to say and macam serba awkward and i'm so embarassed. I blame myself la jugak. Never judge a book by it's cover. memang la the customer look macam OK saja tak nampak macam alim sangat but who knows kan..

So, lesson to be learnt for me...hahaha

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

good morning ?

malasnya nak update blog. kalu bukan sebab my sis dah bagi sarcastic hint memang tak update la blog ni. macam biasa busy is the excuse la.. bila dah sehari mengadap komputer kat ofis dont feel like nak tengok lagi dah bila balik rumah.

like my sister said, kat Dubai aku big boss so tak busy sangat tapi pressure yang teramat. bila dah balik KL banyak lagi big boss kat atas so i'm back to jadi kuli, busy yang teramat tapi pressure kurang. so dari dulu lagi aku memang tak jeles kat orang2 yang jadi big boss sebab i know they have to face tremendous pressure.

hmmm.. tengok member2 Dubai pegi Umm Al Quwain memang jeles. our crab trip last time tak menjadi sebab masa plan nak pegi tu bukan musim dia. so frustrated. almost semua tempat kat UAEtu aku dah merayap tapi tak pernah sampai situ.

this morning terlupa pulak nak bawak hp. it's always like that, i know that there's something wrong macam tertinggal something tapi tak tau apa.. actually bagus la jugak so tak ada la ramai org cari..hahahhaa

Anyway, now update blog while waiting for a meeting. need to present a logisics study about a landlocked country. kalau berjaya, makan angin la aku.. wish me luck :-)

Monday, March 2, 2009


Semalam memang hibernating day. Ingat nak kemas rumah la, spring clean all the clothes yang tak muat tu so semua baju2 aku yg terlipat cantik atas katil tu finally boleh masuk closet. Unfortunately, Starworld ada Heroes Season 3 marathon. So lepas cooked nasi lemak for breakfast, dari pagi sampai malam aku jadi potato couch tengok tv.

Semua benda terus tak jadi buat, Heroes season 3 memang best. No more save the cheerleader save the worlds. Unlike Lost yang makin mengarut and aku dah malas nak ikut dah, Heroes makin best.

New season will start by mid March, dah tak sabar-sabar dah.