Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keep the faith

Do u believe that kindness still exist ? I don't, and that's for quite sometimes already until yesterday.

Had a late discussion yesterday since we have to finalize a board paper. Got a call by my youngest brother, Mi at close to 7pm. His motorbike chain broken on his way back and no nearby workshop at that area. Call my husband who's outstation in JB, since i dont know what to do. Expect him to resolve this kind of issues as usual.

I called Mi an hour later, his back at home and since i was busy at work, didn't ask much. When i'm back home, he told me that apparently a stranger, fellow biker had help him. Together they tarik the bike to workshop and what really surprise me is since Mi only have $30 with him, that boy lent him another $40 to settle the workshop bill. Imagine a stranger, Mi said as young as him, so i assume he didnt have much money as well, out of kindness and trust to another human being can be so kind to a total stranger. $40 didnt seems big to me now..but when i was young, just started working and dont hv much money, that $40 is my 1 week meal money.

Such generous act did touch my heart. Now i do believe in pay it forward..a little act of kindness is infectious..

To that stranger, which you might not be anymore, bless your heart boy..

Friday, January 22, 2010

For sale

Harley XL883 for sale.. u can get it for MYR75K cash, the biker excluded tapi can try to make an offer in case interested LOL.

Last unit in Malaysia lepas ni model dah discontinue dah..for collector memang sesuai..

Despite merayu-rayu kat husband aku still tak dapat..Thought i look good on it..kan ? rasa nak jual my car for ths babe

Friday, January 15, 2010

Guilty pleasure

pssttt.. i wanna tell u. last weekend i went crazy. Woke up early morning, by 9.30am out from the house. Destination ? 1st is The Curve by 12noon, left the place with 3 paper bags. Next, The Gardens, can't remember the damage but got shoes that i wanted. Reason ? don't know la, stress i guess. I haven't take leave since December and my schedule was really hectic. I can feel that my body and mind is really-really tired.

I haven't work ths hard since my last company. The company that i love the job, the money and frens but has to leave because i know if i continue there, i might be a divorcee after 6 mths married hahahaha, who can tahan if the wife has to work till late nite everyday.

Now, i'm eyeing for a Chanel bag. That's my dream besides an Hermes Birkin. If i get it, i'll stop buying handbags for the rest of my life.. can ahhh ???

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Tigress

Happy new year.. Can’t believe that time flies that fast. Seems like only yesterday I returned from Dubai. I asked myself, what is my achievement in 2009. Seems like nothing. GOD..that’s depressing. To think that I actually did nothing fruitful for the whole year. Anyway, what bygone be bygone. Let’s start this new year with something.

I’ve made a list of what I want to achieve this year and paste it at my workstation. So I can remind myself of it every day.

2010 is tiger year. Chinese horoscope stated that it won’t be a good year for a tiger like yours truly.

I have many of tiger characteristic in me. It is a sign of courage, a fearless and fiery fighter, optimistic, straightforward, passionate and independent which truly describe me. While I can be quick tempered but considerate at the same time and most important is tiger are generally well liked because of their charming personalities..hehehe I definitely want to think that that’s true.

Oh another tiger characteristic that truly describe me is “tiger like to spend money and also to share it, can be quite impulsive spenders because they know that they can always make more” rite.

Anyway, the advice given to tigers are do not speculate or gamble, do not lend money and be patient at work. Hope I will remember this :-P

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I gotta a feeling

Tonite memang good nite. Sky so bright. From bedroom windows, I can clearly see KLCC, KL Tower, TM Tower, Genting lights and best thing is Sunway colourful lightings.

A nite like this make me wanna go out and enjoy life, enjoy the freedom, enjoy the moment..forget about all those misery and sadness. Who says life is suck..