Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hi Again

well well well..

i'm backkk.. huh. now finally my life settled quite fine, i can start writing again. what to write ?? soooo many things.. but since i'm the queen of simplicity, i'll make a long story short.

1st - we have had a family vacation minus 1 sibling. it was quite sometimes since 7 of us sit together as a family. so despite of Beja not able to make it, we just go ahead with the plan. and fun did we have. i can see happiness in my mom's eyes. dah lama anak2 dia tak berkumpul even masa raya, ada yg balik dulu, ada yg balik later, so dah lama tak ada get together session. eventhough we keep updates thru emails tapi itu not counted.

2nd - i'm participating in KKP tht stand for Karnival Keluarga Petronas. Itu yearly event and i never bother with it before. But ths time since i kena jadi bidan terjun for woman chess representing maritime , OK la join saja. So after more than 10 years, i finally touch the chess set again..hahahha resultnyer..huh not to bad for first timer and conclusionnya, ladies players memang tak terrer lansung. i was told yang every year org yg sama saja main so aku pun puzzle apsal still tak pandai lagi..hahahaha

3rd - i've just change something biggggg.. so now commitment makin bertambah. wah hopefully my increment ths year can cover the cost lerr..

4th - June is an extremely busy month for me, so now it's over i can give a breath of relief....

I'll tell u what's happening in office in netx post. macam-macam ada..