Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Social network

Wanted to watch social network tapi belum ada masa yg sesuai...Cehh what a statement as if i'm so busy whilst actually i just sitting down doing nothing except for reading books (as per my dr advise) or watching tv saja. My sis dah belikan dvd but yet to find a suitable time. Yes lor..nak watch movie kena ada mood yg sesuai otherwise won't enjoy it.

Recently i got connected to my primary schoolmates masa darjah 5&6. Being anak askar we always moving around. So masa darjah 5 & 6, aku sekolah kat kampung in Kelantan. At that time my dad been posted to Sg Petani camp if not mistaken and mom decided not to follow. I'm glad to see that some of my classmates are doing really well. Well, considering we are from kampung and study in sekolah kampung with all the not so privilege facilities, when some of them are doing well in life, i'm so proud.

Found out that 2 of my classmates has passed away. One by cancer and another 1 in an accident. Al Fatihah to them.

Back to social network. Being just a normal person, i'm glad actually we have facebook. I am now connected to many of my friends who i have lost contact for years. Like i said, being anak askar, we move around very often. So i have many friends who i have lost touch. Thanks to facebook, now we are connected.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New layout

Hah..puas ati aku. finally i changed my layout..i hate previous layout but too lazy to get a new one.

So time being while i'm searching for the one that i will like let's stick to something simpe. Nak download ikut my mobile pun senang sikit. Tak ada la bertahun nak tunggu.

Still a lady of leisure

I went to removed the jahit last 2 days ago. Told my gynea, dr aziz tht i cannot stand sitting down do nothing. Quote wht he said " u can sit down and read books" cheh.. So sarcastic. Gynea aku ni most of the time, aku suka dia but ada jugak at certain time aku menyampah. Tau ler dia tu popular.. But among all gyneas yg aku pernah jumpa datuk dr aziz ni ler yg aku paling suka n paling confident. Also aku selalu lupa to address him properly, i shud call him datuk instead of dr.. But since dia kata x kesah aku belasah je le Hehe..

Did i told u that im so bored at home. I can't really move around yet but the boredom is killing me. I got nothing better to do i can even memorize all the cerita melayu bersiri shows..hee lepas ni can eksen to all my staffs.

Dr Aziz said tht i shud appreciate tht we manage to remove all the myomas and yet im ok and my uterus is ok as well. He said i should not take it lightly. The ops that i had earlier is a major operation. mesti dia frust sbb aku mcm didnt value wht he did kot. But i did, im so thankful that i wud still be able to conceive. Dr Aziz told me if im pregnant, i definitely hv to deliver by ceasarian. The uterus is too fragile and too scarring it might rapture.

After ths ops, the thought of going thru ths kind of situation again is really killing me..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Becoming a lady of leisure

I got lots of spare times now that i had to sit at home do nothing..well in medical term "recuperating" but for me sitting down do nothing lor. Before the ops, i had lots of thing in my mind..i already plan what i want to do for 7 weeks sitting at home. I want to knit la, do some cross stitch la etc etc..catch up all things yg arty farty yg dah lama aku tinggalkan.. But plan left as a plan.

Before went for ops, i was so busy..seriously my day was full, all day 7 days/week. Nak finish up all pending works before i hand-over to my colleague yg take over my job, jumpa clients to notify them, nak siapkan rumah lagi..OMG, memang hectic. So at the end, i didnt manage to buy things that i need to implement my plan.. benang tak beli, buku pattern tak there goes my plan..

what i can do no is really sitting down doing nothing..

For the past 2 days (last week i was in hospital, so it didnt count), my schedule is, wake-up at 7++, lying down on bed until 8++, bath, come down to hv breakfast and call husband. Then watch tv till noon. By 12++ my lunch is ready, had lunch and go back upstair to rest. Till about 5pm when i know everybody will come back home from work.

So la boring. I foresee the routine will continue for another week. Dr advise me not to drive for 2 weeks after the by next week, yahooo !!!! at least i can do some light exercise and things.

Ohh.. did i tell you that i'm so good in following pantang. I myself didnt expect it. I drink air gamat and eat sup ikan haruan without a problem on daily basis. I don't even terliur other foods..even masa depa ni dok makan sambal mak aku yg best tu with other lauk2 pun aku tak terliur. Owh, the only time aku terliur is pulut lepa yg mak bawak..yummmm, my mom pulut lepa is the best ok !!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Torture time of my life backkk with vangeance. Huh, konon.
finally i got rid of the fibroid. Now at home for 7 weeks. Mcm nak mati keboringan. Thts wht i meant with torture time of my life.

i hv not update ths space for so long the time just pass thru without i realizing it. Did i told you that i was pregnant finally.. After 7 yrs waiting, it is indeed the most joyous moment in my life. When i saw the tiny heartbeat blinking blinking, nothing else matter. We lost it however, at 11 weeks. Thts when the gynea advise me to remove the fibroids otherwise i wl hv no chance.

i had the ops last week. Today is the day 6 after the ops. The pain is lesser but it still sore at times. Mom is taking care of me with all her pantang yg agak strict. Im lazy to write already, to be continue..