Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not trendy

Semalam i did nonsense thing..All started with my trip to hair salon over the weekend. Saw the stylist rambut tetiba cantik. I mean i visit the salon twice a week tak kan tetiba rambut jadi cantik and panjang kan,, She told me she use hair extension and with that i consider myself sold..hahhaha so yesterday went to hair gallery and got myself one..and my colleague also get herself one..hahahaha

Like my stylist said..nowaday sapa tak ada hair extension is not in trend ler..hah now i'm back to IN again. hola!!

p/s ; cantik ok, even one of our contractor yg not so regular visit us in the office pun can go figure

Monday, July 12, 2010

I need my weekend

Mesti semua dah boring with my complaint about my fact me myself pun dah bored..bored with this non-stop stressful life. Think now, i almost reach the brain freeze.. dont feel like going to work ths few days and easily get agitated with my staffs..sorry la you guys.

Last friday nite, i received an sms from my big bos at almost midnite..first time in my working life i purposely ignore my boss sms..i received another sms the next day from my 2nd boss..and seriously aku dah promise myself that i will not work over the weekend anymore..i need a life i simply reply that i dont feel like working ths weekend and i wl do it on monday morning..hah ambik kau..

resultnya ? i dont know. we will see during next year evaluation ok :-)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stress is not for a person whose broke

I'm broke.. and i'm stress. That's not a good combination trust me ! I only have 2 solutions for stress relief ..either shopping or eat. Since i've gain so much weight i can't go for the latter. That's left me with only option which is to shop.

First i'm so broke since i travel a lot last month. At the same time, balance of deposit for new house and coincidently car insurance and my yearly health insurance dues. hah semuanya due same time..there goes all salary and savings.

Despite my financial distress i just can't stop from visiting shopping complex...Seriously, i'm so stress that i rather skipped lunch and drove out to Gardens or Pavi for a short shopping trip. Thanks to the plastics money though.. I've tried to refrain but now cannot tahan anymore. So for three consecutive days, i've done this nonsense. Short trip or diversion after meetings, in between appointments, lunch break, anything will do. Today i got myself 2 new shoes from Aldo. yesterday since i have a dinner with client, i got myself a new dress from Coast, the day before a suit from Debenham.. New dress for every occasions..boleh gitu.

Good news are 1. my lawyer called and i will get balance of my house sold in another 2 weeks time..that's huge moolah there .. 2. i will get my claim money on this friday..another moolah 3. bonus time is around the corner and lastly i got my husband aka banker that i can always rely on hahahaha

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Not shopping trip

Can i do some thrash talking here ? Since ths is my space so sukahati la kan. Just return from Lion city. Ada meeting thr. 2 days meeting with same client. hah amik kau.. Thought ada la masa aku nak pi jalan2 carik barang since now Great Singapore sale but tengok2 hah aku kena buli since go thr with the big bos and 2nd big lepas dinner with client kena continue buat kerja..bosses pegi berhappening themselve.. mmg nak mengamuk. menyesal tak suruh my assistance datang mlm tu instead of next day for operations discussion.

Only consolation is stay at good hotel and since we are given a good room, so instead of buat kerja kat bilik, can work at executive lounge.

there are more things i want to write but cannot concentrate..itu dua lelaki dalam my house nih tengah terjerit2 tengok bola despite german dah lead 3-0 against argentine.