Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm back..it's been so long but this time no excuse..it's all the same ol' same ol' busy at work. Now got time to write since started from last week i'm home early. reason? kena warn by husband..scared ? of course i am.. despite whatever i am, when husband dah gunakan kuasa veto kena la follow.

but 1 thing i am very sure it wont last long..kejap je balik awal ni. i'm so used to finish up everything before i left office now macam terkocoh2 definitely wont last.. but i have to show that i'm making an effort kan..

it is good feeling to have enough rest, time for myself since by 6.30pm i'm already at home. Got time to do many house chores and best thing got time to have enough rest and watch tv and read and cook and now i can continue writing..

tadi boss cakap i kena ikut dia to Singapore. malasnya..i travelled very2 often recently..despite it's all domestics tapi penat giler naik turun airplane. sampai makcik cleaner kat toilet klia pun dah kenal aku hahaha but now great Singapore sale kan..so maybe good time to shop some shoes yg dah lama aku eyeing tapi size dah habis in kl..huh betapa beriya nya semua branch dia aku pi sebab nak jugak yg itu..so nanti i story whether i got it ok.