Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Decision finally

I've made decision finally. Yesterday signed the SPA selling my first property and happy to look at the no. on the cheque. With that, my financial despair recently just vanished.

I've made quite a no. of big purchase since mid of last year. Some assets and investments. By now all my Dubai money is gone. WIth recent purchase of new house lagi la rasa so tight.

So tight, until last weekend when i want to withdraw money from my main account, tengok2 ada 200 saja..hahahaha. Told my husband, i have not been in ths stage for a very very long time. For the first time since a long time, i'm really looking forward for my gaji day. Since last week i live on husband' money.

After my credit card disaster series in my young days, i always been extra careful with my financial planning. So this time, after downpayment of my new house last 2 weeks ago, i'm totally broke. Eventhough i know that it's only for a while, but broke is still broke.

And i can only blame myself, so busy with works that i didn't set priorities right. But mana aku tau. If i know if with that SPA signed, i can get the cheque immediately, memang lepas dah confirm, straight aku pi lawyer office to sign off.