Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

bedroom oh bedroom

Earlier i wrote about nak cari bed side lamp table. I found it finally though i compromise a little bit on the spec since aku agak kedekut lately.

Now, i want to makeover my bedroom. I think it has no zen so not good for yours truly. My sister pun cakap my bedroom tak cun. When i bought the house, it comes with all fittings and fixtures so i just bawak masuk bed and my clothes saja. I actually dont really like the master bedroom even then..guestrooms are much more nicer than my own room.

I guess now it's already hightime for me to do something to the room. Change fengshui a little bit, make it more romantic..who knows i might get "lucky".. if u know what i mean..hahahahahaha
The problem is i'm lack of ideas .. so as usual, i got a help from Mr Google ler.. got few reference here

I love this bedroom. It fulfilled all my specs..well lit, bright, simple yet classy. And look at the mirror on top of the headboard..errr i will let my imagination running wild of it's real function..heeee..

This is much verdict..biasa biasa let's strike out ths come i compare all yg ada mirror facing the bed saja nih..

The bedroom is very simplejust play with the colour of bedsheet, curtains and quilt cover look nice right..

I like this as well..It looks so comfy..tapi what the heck with the curtain atas katil tu..strange

Dah pening dah check what i wanna do with the bedroom..Easy way out get ID to do it kot..but aku kedekut how ler..