Friday, October 31, 2008

Razak Baginda acquitted

SHAH ALAM, Oct 31 (Bernama) -- The High Court today acquitted political analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda and called for the defence of Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar in the murder trial of Mongolian woman, Altantuya Shaariibuu.

If Judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin ruled that the prosecution had failed to make out a prima facie case against Abdul Razak. He set Nov 10 for Azilah and Sirul Azhar, both members of the Special Action Squad (UTK), to make their defence.

Azilah, 32, and Sirul Azhar, 36, are charged with murdering Altantuya, then 28, at a location between lots 12843 and 16735 in the Mukim of Bukit Raja here between 10 pm on OCt 19 and 1 am on Oct 20 2006.

Abdul Razak, 48, executive director of the Malaysia Strategic Research Centre, had been charged with abetting in the murder in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur between 9.54 am on Oct 18 and 9.45 am on Oct 19 2006.

The charges carry the death penalty upon conviction.

Me: malas nak komen lah..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's the Season To be Jolly...tararararararra....

Winter is coming. The heat of torturing summer is now over. I came to Dubai at the start of winter last year. Pleasant weather not too cold yet and not hot anymore. Maghrib masuk pukul 5.30. So i have ample time to savor the city at nite and mind you, this city is really beautiful on winter nite.

- Its time to lepak. heritage village

My favourite lepak place is Madinat Jumeirah, Marina/JBR walk and Uptown Mirdiff. This places remind me of home, but of course more posh la. Yelah Malaysian kan suka outdoor dining and lepakking. Majority of eatery or lepakking place in Malaysia ada outdoor space. Doesn’t matter the weather we just love to sit outdoor sambil people watching sambil komplen pasal kerja or bosses. This must be true judging at mamak stall yang macam cendawan tumbuh.

Of course lepakking in Dubai is not as cheap as in Malaysia lah. In Malaysia, we can just spend like 2 ringgit for a glass of teh tarik and roti canai and sit there for hours whereas in Dubai for 1 time lepakking average cost is 18dirham(just a mug of starbuck coffee) and add lagi makan or shisha or another glass of coffee, one time lepak can cost us $100. Just imagine..where got money to lepak everyday like this..
- Desert Safari, dune bashing memang scary and i don't enjoy that at all

Think i’ve been almost to all ceruk in Dubai and maybe the best cheap place to lepak during winter is at Satwa, the whole stretch yang ada Pizza Hut, Thai rest (don’t eat there, the cook is Indian and tak best lansung lansung), Beirut rest and my all time favourite Al Mallah a Lebanese rest. The staffs are friendly, foods are OK and price is decent. Shawarma only cost 5dirham and chai is only 2.5 i think. Paling penting, kedai tu bersih. Also, the street is famous for pak-pak Arab dok menunjuk kehebatan kereta masing-masing. Masa aku mula-mula sampai dulu, almost every night pegi lepak kat Al Mallah tu. Semua jenis keta dapat tengok. Masa tu baru datang, so macam jakun jer tengok keta-keta yang pelik2 hahahaha.
- Global Village, macam-macam ado...

I just lurrrrrve winter in Dubai. There are so many activities held during this time such as Global Village, Flea market, lots of concerts, Jazz festival, shopping carnival, sports events and lists are endless and the fact that i can just strolled around the city without sweating and can lepak outdoor while people watching, that’s great rite.
- Dubai is winter training place for some famous European football clubs. Kalu adik-adik aku ada sini, mesti dia orang suker giler

Yup, i’m really looking forward for this season to chill out and celebrate...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Gold Rush

Aku nak jadi towkey emas lah.. beli kat Dubai and jual kat Malaysia. Semalam harga kat sini 83/gm dah immediately untung $21/gm kalu jual kat Malaysia. est lepas tolak some susutnilai, still boleh untung few $$$$$..muahahaha

Drop in prices sparks gold rush
By Dr Abdul-Hadi Al-Timimi, Abu Dhabi Editor and Mahmood Saberi, Senior ReporterLast

Abu Dhabi/Dubai: Thousands of people jammed the town centre Thursday night and Friday afternoon as they rushed to buy gold with prices plummetting to as low as Dh 80 for a gram of 22 carat gold.
A combination of lower oil prices, financial meltdown, profit-making and the upcoming Diwali festivities had played a vital role to push gold prices down by 20 percent, a major gold jewellery dealer said.
"The volume of sales increased 400 percent Thursday night,” said Tushar Patni, Chairman of Golden Jewellery Group of Abu Dhabi. He said sales at each sales amounts to between 30 to 50 Kilos of gold in one shift ", he explained.
Gulf News witnessed the rush to buy gold which lasted until midnight. Gold shops owners said that the buyers are all expats who wanted to cash on this "golden" opportunity.

"I think it is a one-off chance to invest in gold", said Baqir Akbar, a Pakistani IT engineer who has been working in Abu Dhabi for two years.
"I could maximize the returns of my saving through buying into cheap gold", he explained.
Patni agreed saying that expats who missed a similar opportunity two months ago are determined to grab this one.
"We had similar drop in the gold prices in August down to Dh 84.", he said. "Some people were not financially ready and a lot of them were away on holidays and they missed that opportunity."
Those who bought gold then made a profit when the prices went up again to Dh 104 a gram after that short period.
There are about 125 gold shops in Abu Dhabi, 85 of them are members of the Gold Jewellery Group.
The drop in gold prices will also be short-lived and retailers expected it to last for a week before picking up again.
"We expect this low price to last for one week only", Patni said. "Gold shops will have a special sales day on Sunday. At the end of next week prices can go up and those who are now buying gold can make a profit".
‘Our raffle barrels were full’
In Dubai, the famous Gold Souq and gold shops were also swamped by buyers. Swapna Nair, general manager of Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group, said she expects the same huge rush on Danteras, when Indians have to traditionally buy gold on that day.
“This is biggest drop in price for a long time,” she said. The last time prices dipped down was during the Dubai Summer Surprises, to Dh 84.5 per gram.
“Our raffle draw barrels could not turn (beacuse of the vouchers inside). The large population of Indians in the UAE makes a lot of difference (to the sale of gold),” she said.
A gram of 24 carat gold is presently selling at Dh 86. Indians prefer 24 carat gold jewelery.
Nair said it was very difficult to predict gold prices in the near future as it depends on many factors. “Oil prices are down, so gold prices are down. But the dollar is strong,” she noted.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What happened yesterday ???

1. Hot news in Malaysia

Pak Lah marah TDM. Kesian TDM..but remember last time TDM pun do the same thing to Tunku Abdul Rahman in fact lagi teruk masa tu macam-macam dia dok kata..Tapi i think this is the first time Pak Lah really marah orang kot, not only TDM kena, Muhyiddin pun kena jugak ...wahhhh..looks like he’s Mr Nice Guy no more.

MYR 900K was budgeted to build PJ mayor house..wahhh bestnya jadi Datuk Bandar.

Jalan Alor kena tukar nama. Apalah DBKL tak ada kerja lain ke nak buat, ini nak menconfusekan hidup orang sajala ni. Why must change the name if there is no apparent reason for it?

Shah Rukh Khan accepts Datukship. Lantak engkau la labu. Kadang-kadang rasa malu je jadi orang Malaysia. Malu sebab ramai sangat so call pemimpin di Malaysia yang “dungu”. Ada separuh tu so obvious kedunguannya, orang tanya lain jawab lain, idea-idea yang diutarakan nonsense sebab tak buat research and yang aku paling marah bila tak tahu hujung pangkal cerita...hellllooooo!!!!! if you are the Minister for that Department, you should know better kan ???? Sama macam kami-kami yang bekerja biasa, a good HOD must know what is happening in the department, you just cannot lose track.

Police to learn Hokkien “dirty” words so they know if public are swearing at them. Hahahaha memang menggelikan hati.. saja je la ni nak menghabihkan duit . why only Hokkien, why not tambah lagi Hakka, Cantonese, Tamil, Spanish, Latin and segala macam bahasa mak nenek in ths world.

2. My office

Viraj is complaining that i’m taking too many holiday ..ehhh hellllooooo... apa pulak !! dah policy company aku macam tu..
Anyway, he mentioned that for my replacement we have to find a better solution to make this situation work and he think MISC entitlement of 4x home leave/year is disadvantage to the JV.

My answer to him is simple that if his company did not like our policy, they should not dream to have a joint venture with us in the first place.

Apala la dia ni banyak kali dah cakap tak paham-paham.. If our oversea assignment policies are not attractive, tak kan ada staff yang nak kerja kat our oversea offices. Boss ko pun tak bising, ko plak yang banyak cakap. Anyway, your thought didn’t count OK !!!

3. My car

Got the car from UCR in the evening. Still Honda Civic but the colour is ugly blue ( i don’t know what kind of blue it is). Semalam bercitchat dengan Kamarul and he asked me why this time aku tak mengamuk dengan my admin girl..and yup this time i’m so cool and i realize maybe that’s because i’m too homesick to get angry. Think i am too miserable to get upset, all my energy was channel elsewhere.

4. Myself

Still homesick but dah adjusted to Dubai time. Sleep at 11+ and woke up at 6 am, which is normal. No mood to work or talk to anybody. Try to be pleasant to others and so far manage to achieve that.

Spent time updating my facebook yang dah berzaman tak update.

Monday, October 20, 2008

To all the girls i love before..

"Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends."

- Jacques Delille (1738 - 1813) French poet.

Got msg from of my good friend since matric dulu.surprise surprise..and with this hello, i found myself going back to all the memories. We did have lots of fun didn’t we ???

It strange how our mind connected or is it the 6th sense ?? I’ve been thinking of few old frens, incl Eti last few weeks and in fact had tried to google them. Manage to find some and reconnect with them. I did find Eti due to all her impressive achievements in recent years but when i emailed her, there’s no reply. So u can imagine my surprise when she says hello in my blog. Found out that she’s in Germany pursuing her studies and did not get my earlier email.

I always have different set of good friends, kawan masa sekolah, masa kat MRSM, masa kat Matrik, masa in Uni and frens when i started working. There’s some that i’m really close and there’s some that just an acquaintance. Those who are really close have been there all ths years, thru laughters and tears and there’s some who i have not met for years but they always have a special place in my heart.

How strange it is when a used to be cool attractive looking guys that all of us young girls are crazy about doesn’t seems so cool anymore and those things that create huge arguments before seems so petty..that’s what we call growing up. When we don’t judge people, when we are too busy with our life to fix others, when we start thinking to save money instead of spending it and when we not only thinking and planning for future but implementing our plans.

People change when they grow older. I have change. I’m still outgoing carefree person but different in certain way. I see things from different point of view. My lifestyle had change..

So have fun, have a misery, live your life, don’t be afraid to get hurt or to do wrong, to learn.. Go ahead and dare, you will have a fullfilled life with great memories.

And to my dear friend Eti, i'm glad that you contact me. You are one of few frens that i hope someday we would meet again....

Back to Dubai

Back in Dubai...macam biasa everytime lepas cuti, first few days memang emo for me. It was a full flight and masa aku check in window seats semua dah penuh, not that i care anyway sebab i never bother duduk kat mana (unless when i fly economy, mesti nak check in early sebab nak aisle seat).

Sampai Dubai airport, found out my admin didnt arrange for my car rental. Malas nak tension2 pepagi buta, took a cab balik rumah. By the time sampai rumah, unpack and segalanya dah nak pukul 5. Tido la kejap since i know aku nak masuk office lambat, pagi2 susah nak dapat taxi. But since i am a morning person by 7+ dah bangun dah.

Since dah bangun, might as well kemas rumah, so by 9+, rumah aku dah spotlessly clean barang2 sumer dah unpacked and susun ke tempat yang sepatutnya...(fyi, bila nak pi memana tinggalkan rumah even for few days saja, aku memang akan tinggalkan dalam keadaan bersih, siap mop and lap segala, so bila balik tak ada la rumah bersepah2 kan ke tensen balik penat2 rumah kotor.. tapi in Dubai, balik kena lap, vacuum and mop sekali lagi sebab berpasir unlike kat Malaysia).

Semua barang dah kemas except for kiriman kawan2:-

1. Nesvita for Along, Ain and Apit - Ziela nanti i dah dapat keta i antar

2. Milo Fuze for Iman, Ilham and Dina - Zaida, statement yg sama macam Ziela..hehehe

3. Korean maggi mee for Janelle

4. Some personal things yang kawan aku kirim to her boyfren yang dok dubai ni.

* Ali/Putri, sorry aku tak sempat nak call mak2 korang masa nak balik sini..very the rushing one, no time lehh.

Maghrib masuk dah awal dah pukul 6, so bila tengok kat luar gelap ingat dah malam buta rupa-rupanya baru pukul 7. Weather dah tak panas tapi tak ada la sejuk lagi..i guess macam 24 - 30 degree kot.

After 3 weeks dengan suami, first night sleep alone - Verdict : sedih bebbb...huhuhuhuhu

I miss you Sayang...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cepatnya masa berlalu and tengok2 ni dah 18th Syawal and i'm flying back to Dubai tonite. Trip kali ni rasa macam pendek saja eventhough actually aku dah 3 weeks in Malaysia... Semua personal things tak dapat buat as per my list..buku ASB tak jumpa sampai sekarang, nak potong rambut tak sempat, nak pi check rumah baru yang 85% siap pun tak sempat and list goes on and on and on..tak apalah another 2 months nak balik dah..Recap back dengan aktivity2 yang membuatkan aku busy...

Department Raya Gathering. Macam biasa, every year kita ada Raya Decoration competition. 1st year kita menang (of course la PM dia kiasu..errr that's me la tu). Last year, baru pindah office so takde mood nak tunjuk creative (sebab management tak approve our actual selection of office location, so konon2 nya macam a kind of protest la tu) tak menang, in fact not even in top 3ranking pun hahahha.. This year kalah lagi..kesian deme2 tu .. Tak apa kawan2, next year aku dah balik so i'll be the crazy kiasu woman yang suka menginstruct orang sesuka hati sebab nak menang...hahahaha

Ikut husband ke Kuantan. Dia ada kerja kat sana and as for me melepak sajalah. We stay at Hyatt Saujana, TC. Kuantan ni bukannya ada apa-apa, tapi for a beach lover like me memang sesuai. I can spend whole day do nothing just enjoy the scenery.

Office raya gathering in Westport. Ramainya orang baru yang aku tak kenal..*sigh* itula yang tak best kerja kat oversea office nih, lost track of what's happening kat HQ.

Every year memang Waheeda will join this function to entertain anak2 yatim yang memang kita sponsor. ohhh Waheeda is anak kepada staff kita - En Wahab so memang dia banyak buat show FOC bila melibatkan charity event kami...and FYI, Waheeda ni memang cun giler (ikut mak dia kalo ikut En Wahab sian le dia..hahahaha) and memang nice and sopan santun..pandai en Wahab didik anak.

Ini masa kat rumah Farah and Suzi, lepas beraya in Westport office, kita pi rumah deme2 ni.

Since aku tak sempat nak borak2 dengan colleague kat opis, invite them for lunch yesterday(Jumaat lunch kita 2jam so banyak masa)..Thanks for coming gals..

Lepas they all chow, aku pi renew my international license yang dah nak expire. Then got a call from hubby cakap he had invited his staffs datang rumah malam tu.. Alamakkk aku masak tadi cukup2 je for lunch. and baru je thinking nak rayau kat shopping complex.. what to do, kena la balik rumah masak for guests yang nak datang tu..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Barang Barang

Dah lama tak cerita pasal aktiviti menghabiskan duit. Yelah since balik Malaysia tak sempat nak pi jalan2. In fact i haven't been to my favourite mall Garden and Pavillion yet and havent been to any spa or salon. Anyway, it's not unusual, there's a time when i dont make a trip to shopping complex for 3-4 mths or so but this only happened when i'm too busy with work that after office and weekend i just want to rest at home. I remember 1 time when i didnt shop for few mths and when i had time to go i spent like "beribu-ribu lemon" hahaha..yelah cover balik.

And things about me yang my husband selalu marah is when i already made-up my mind that i want to spend that much, i will make sure that i spent that much and selagi tak reach quota, i'll keep on buying eventhough i dont need it. Kalau dah tak ada barang to buy for diri sendiri i'll buy things for hubby or for my house, yang pasti selagi duit tak habih seperti yang diplankan i won't go home a happy woman..memang buruk perangai.

Kalau ikutkan macam-macam aku nak, but i know that i have to control my spending. Lagi la now when the whole world is concern about recession, i need to save money..welllll, we never know what's going to happen in future kan. So instead of shopping macam saudagar minyak, i start to make a list of things that i want and after that consider if i really need it (ini sebab banyak kali beli beli and beli saja tengok2 alamak kat rumah dah ada barang tu cuma sebab dah lama tak pakai luperr...). So hopefully with the list i wud be able to change my spending habit yang buruk tu.
1. Handbags
a) Miu Miu tote
b) Burberry oversize shoulder bag

LV store in Bintang Walk - masuk selalu tapi tak pernah beli pon muahahahaha

i decides that i can't buy new bags until i manage to sell off 4 of the many handbags that i have in stock. kalu tak mau nye kena lecture setahun dengan husband.

2. Entertainment and self pampering
a) Massage - twice a mth(satu tu termasuk spa) instead of sesuka hati sampai 4/5 kali sebulan
b) Spa - once a mth
c) Salon - ini oklah since banyak mana sangat la can u spent in a salon, takkan nak buat treatment everyday or colour yr hair on weekly basis kan.
d)Fine dine - since aku nak diet so ini kena minimum kan or better let go hahahaha

3. Gadget
a) PSP - dah lama nak beli tapi tak beli-beli
b) Ipod Touch - dah lama jugak nak beli but my MP3 player tak rosak2 so rasa macam membazir la pulak kalau beli.

since i'm a typical girly girl yang memang bodo pasal electronic gadget ni duit aku tak ada la habis kat benda2 nih..lucky me

4. Car
my husband had asked me to change car lama dah but aku buat bo layan before lagila bila dah habis bayar lagi malas nak tukar. Lain la kalu dia nak bagi hadiah kat aku ker, dapat keta free macam tu OK le. Anyway, been thinking lately to change the car. Yelah dah 6 tahun dah pakai keta tu nanti simpan lama2 tak ada value nanti lagi susah nak jual.

But nak tukar keta apa??? Told hubby that i want SUV tak nak pakai Sedan dah. Tapiiii..semua SUV yang dia suggest aku tak suka. i want Volvo XC90 tapi i cant afford it ..errr not that we can't afford it but i definitely tak nak la bayar keta sampai 3 - 4 K sebulan..gilor aper baik le aku beli rumah baru. so sekarang ni still tengah confuse nak tukar keta apa..susah-susah pakai je la keta sekarang sampai hancusss... kekekekeke
my dream car buat masa ini...tapi since nama pon dream car so dreaming sajalah. nak beli sendiri tak ada nye

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ke office

Tuesday, kena pi Westport office jumpa bosses to update them on the JV in Dubai. Since dah sampai sana, visit our Cold Hub yang dah start operating since last month. Last time pi, still under construction. Since now dah start operating and dah ada goods inside, might as well i pegi tengok.

Seriously, it is impressive. I don’t just say it since i’m working with MISC but it is impressive and so far it is the one and only kind of facility in Malaysia. It is the 1st halal cold hub and the warehouse provides multiple temp controlled rooms with storage temperature ranging from 18 degrees C to – 25 degrees C. Close to 10,000 pallet positions (yup, it is tht big) narrow aisle, mobile racking system and the list goes on and on...

Masa kat sana, i was given a jacket yang macam orang Eskimo pakai and when i step inside the warehouse dekat staging area pun dah sejuk temp there is 0 degree C.With the jacket and gloves, rasa macam OK. But when we masuk cold room temp set at -23 at 1 room and -25 in another room, i rasa macam nak beku esp yang – 25 degree tu, i’m not even 5 mins in there as cannot tahan. Kita punya budak2 yang kerja kat dalam tu macam mana la can tahan ?? i wonder..hmmm.. tak sempat nak interview depa2 semalam

Lepas frozen section, masuk chill room. There’s 10 storage rooms to store whatever products that require chills temp macam fruits and vege. Kebetulan masa i datang ada delivery, so tengok la dia orang punya process yang almost similar with dry warehouse operations. Unfortunately frozen sections tak ada movement or other value add masa tu, otherwise it would be more fun tengok our operation staffs kerja dalam kebekuan.

Admin office dekat cold hub ni sikit punya cun, ceiling high windows and tengah2 ada garden.. so peaceful. Sempat mentioned kat boss, i don’t mind to work in that office, mesti motivation level will be very high..yelah office cun mesti rajin kerja hehehe.. but i don’t think i want to work with Frenchman again..been there done that..depa tu asyik ingat depa je yg terrer, sumer nak i cancel la Boss.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cerita Raya

Dah lama tak update blog. Biasa lah bila balik kampong, with so many things to do and catch up memang tak ada masanya. Well that’s not the actual truth, mana ada orang yang tak ada masa. If u really want to do it, u will make a time for it’s more like an excuse hehehe..

After 1 week in Kelate, now i’m back to my house in Puchong. Let’s just backdate the stories....

Tahun ni abang no. 2, Amir tak balik sebab cuti sikit so dia balik on Deepavali masa cuti sekolah, can spend more time kat rumah mak. Adik no. 6, Kakda beraya kat rumah in law in Tanah Merah, so masa pagi raya tu cuma 5 anak Mak ada kat rumah.

Sebab tak ada duit raya nak tukar, aku cuma bagi duit raya kat anak sedara saja. Kat orang lain tu tahun depan saja la yek. Aunty Ni tak ada duit kecik la nak bagi korang sumer..kalau sumer nak duit besar, towkey minyak pun bankrap..hehehe. Macam biasa pagi tu lepas bersalaman dan bermaafan sesama adik beradik dan mak, kita balik kampong. When we say balik kampong, it’s like 15 minutes away from my mom' house. Balik kampong for us is to pegi rumah mak sedara and cousin yang memang terletak dekat 1 area sebab Tok Ayah dulu bagikan tanah2 dia kat anak2 suruh buat rumah, so semua duduk dekat satu kawasan except for my mom yang duduk lain and buatkan surau atas tanah pusaka dia. Menu raya for us this year is Nasi impit, kuah kacang and satay, lontong and rendang.

anak2 sedara aunty Ni nih, memang naughty2, nak bergambar pun susah, nak jadi monkey la, horse la, monster la..

Ammar Wildan, good baby, nak tido senang, main senang, hardly cry and paling penting tak buas macam abang2 dia..hehehe tapi beratnya ya amat. 10.5kg for 1 year old baby
family photo, hubby missing in action, sorry la darling
Macam biasa kat Kelate, musim-musim raya ni orang memang suka buat kenduri kawin. Yelah, masa ni la semua sedara mara balik kampong so might as well buat kenduri kawin masa ni. Raya kedua and ketiga tu banyak nye my mom dapat jemputan kawin. Sebab anak2 dia ni semuanya malas-malas belaka, selalunya abang sulung, Rizal la yang jadi mangsa temankan mak aku pi kenduri..hehehe kalau Amir ada, mesti Amir yang pegi, banding dengan yang lain, Amir la yang paling kenal sedara. Macam aku, habis sampai 2nd cousin saja la..lepas tu kalau jumpa tengah jalan mesti tak kenal punya..

After 1 week in Kelate, hari Ahad back to KL. Aku dah cakap kat hubby, mesti jalan jam, so instead of stuck in the jam for 10 hrs might as well kita ikut jalan pantai lalu ikut Terengganu. View cantik, tengah jalan banyak benda2 best dapat makan (imagine satar, colek, jagung and kacang rebus dan pelbagai lagi)..

Tapi biasa la hubby aku ni bukannya dengar cakap confident tak ada jam..logik ker tu ???? tapi since dia driver lantak ler.. kita bertolak dari rumah aku kat Selising pukul 7.30 pagi sampai Puchong pukul 8 malam. 12 setengah jam dok dalam keta..nak kematu “pungkok”. Ada neighbour aku kat kampong bertolak pukul 5 pagi sampai rumah dia kat Ampang pukul 3 petang. So doesn’t matter pukul berapa bertolak, mesti banyak keta jugak sebab memang sumer orang nak balik ari tu..
Tengah-tengah bukit jalan Gua Musang - Lipis pun boleh jadi jam macam kat KL. Just imagine..
Muka tensen hubby.. i dont want to say at that time, nanti tak pasal2 kena turun keta tengah hutan..but darling i told you so kan ....