Saturday, May 16, 2009

Confession of ex Shopaholic

I didn't think it was actually possible to be a shopaholic, I thought I was just bad with money. However, when my life has been the most stressful, I have always run up to shopping complex. I am obsessed with spending money and shopping. Its not that i don't know how to stop, it just the way I am. My husband pays all of our bills and all other expenses but yet my life saving is not much. I am so glad that we have not merged our money to date, because we would have nothing if I had access to it..hahahha

Last weekend I watch Oprah and she’s talking to American’s most thriftiest mom. There’s some lesson learnt. Shopaholic is a recognised addiction. It’s hard to break but it’s not impossible.

Let me list down what the American’s thriftiest mom did to save money:-

1. List down all the items before go out to malls – check whether it’s necessity or just a pleasure to have
2. Shop only during sales. You will be amazed by end of the year, how much money can be save by doing this.
3. Always compare price, buy groceries at the cheapest place
4. Pay bills on time – if u cannot pay bills that means u not suppose to have money to shop.
5. Throw all yr plastics. Credit card memang menyusahkan. U tend to overspent. So if u can’t control yr spending, use cash. Bila cash habis, no more shopping ler.

I always have problem to save money before. It’s because whenever I try to save money I refrain myself from doing things that I like. Now I realize that is not the right way doing it. I mean how long can I refrain myself from entertain and pampering myself. I just had to be smart in doing it. American thriftiest mom is so right. We can splash now and then but yet still save money. Like in KL, there’s always opening promotion la or anniversary promotion la, mother’s day promotion la. So instead of sign up for a course in Spa or facial, go for the shop which is in offer. And I’m thinking if facial how, I use different product but last week I did some research and I’m amazed that I can find 3 beauty centre who is carrying a well known expensive brand is on promotion. Instead of paying $300 like I normally did for facial I can do the exact same thing for only $69. Huh.. Same thing for hair care and spa.

So actually saving money is not so difficult at all. I just need to put some effort and research. Well I hope this finding will give me a satisfying, enjoyable and balanced life.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Family Day

Finally after 2 years planning, my department berjaya jugak did our family day. Of course la since CEO *tht's stand for Chief Event Organizer* gila kuasa dah balik from Dubai. Nak harapkan budak2 ni hampeh.. Apparently they do miss me a lot.. Since CEO gila kuasa kena posting ke Dubai, depa punya events dok takat stage borak2 masa teh tarik saja but resultnyer tarak..

Since now CEO gila kuasa dah back to HQ, so busy la dept ni with macam2 aktiviti esp karaoke since organizer kan karaoke queen despite that suara macam katak hahahaha.

Staffs, spouses and kids - Business Solutions & Development team

My comittee member in red.

Budak2 paling seronok that day since hadiah depa macam2..Masa ni la sapa2 yg ramai anak tu untung besar. Ada yang sampai kena tumpang keta org lain bawak barang ..

posing before beraksi. ahaks
Ini the actual karaoke queen - suara tak boley lawan

Flying fox yang ramai kecut2 perut before buat
We have lots of fun that day..Semua suka .errr maybe ada yg tak suka jugak kot but who berani complaint to CEO giler kuasa..hahahaha

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Green eyed monster

Today memang an "exciting" day. Started in the morning when only while parked my car at the office basement realized that i forgot to bring my laptop..huh furthermore today is my appraisal day, all data in that laptop..matilah.

As expected by mid morning, boss called. it's my turn for the appraisal. Lucky me since system ada sikit problem tadi, i am spared. we'll continue tomorrow hahahha i felt quite lucky by then..

While busy with works, one of my colleague Mrs N datang bergossip with me and one of my staff came trotting..rupa2nya to defend herself. Here's the story ...

During our family day last weekend, there's a session for flying fox for sapa2 yang nak buat. So ada one colleague ni let's call her Mrs A, her husband Mr A decided to joined the session. Mrs A since dia penakut decided not to join and just lepak tunggu kat bawah, landing spot. Nothing bad happened everybody enjoyed themselves semua happy2 and of coz ada yg takut2 and gelak2..but overall semua fun. Come today, timbul cerita that there'a another colleague let's called her Ms S try to flirt with Mr A during the session.

So itu la gossipnya..patutla aku nampak pagi2 depa dah dok soksek soksek rupanya ada cerita menarik. My staff tu terus cakap that it wasn't her yang start the gossip. Mrs A asked her and she just answer since she said that it's not proper for Ms S to sit nearby Mr A. BUT at the same time she also told me in secrecy (means not to tell anybody else which i'm telling now since i quite pissed with ths whole thing) that Mr A try to mesra2 with her sister during the weekend but her sister avoids him. What's that ??

Since aku busy today, tak sempat really give piece of my mind. Just told them not to be nasi tambah..memandai2 tambah cerita. This kind of things can be very serious. Women jealousy has no boundary. macam-macam boleh jadi.

Anyway, now i want to give pieces of my mind which :-

1. Gedik girls senang nampak. if they are gediks and like to flirt with everybody, it's rather obvious. Ms S can be a bit manja sometimes but she's not gedik. And i seriously dont think that she will flirt with her colleague husband (esp within same dept which we are quite close to each others)

2. There's different view from different people. Most of the people when asked said that they didnt notice if there's any flirting happened. There's only 1 or 2 people who said that she's flirting. So ?? My take.. different people, different opinion. people with open mind and unjudgemental will said nothing happened. people who is a bit conservative and judgemental will say that it's too much.

3. It's easy to blame other girl. I asked my staff, why she didnt tell Mrs A that Mr A try to mesra with her sister ?? Since when, when man flirt it's OK but if a girl flirt, she's a slut ?? excuse my language people..i'm too lazy to think of better words.

4. I blame to sapa2 yang bawak cerita ni. Yes maybe there's something but what if there's nothing.. what if nothing really happened up there, just a young girl getting excited doing new thing for the first time with a bunch of new people that she just got to know and try to be nice to..

5. if it's me..i will asked Ms S for clarification. if i think she's too much, i will said so. Just tell straight to her face that i dont like that she's talking to my husband in over frendly manner. Case close

Life is too short & especially too exciting to be jealous of anyone and what they possess. As for me , I only live my life and don't seek out to live someone elses. I always give my honest opinions and try to be as fair as possible. And i've learned not to be judmental. So keep rolling your eyes people because everytime you do... I know I've done something right!! hahahaha (I'm such an ass!!!)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Little less conversation

It's been a while since i last wrote here. I havent been good keeping every one updated on various happening of my life. Not that they are interested anyway hahaha.

Well what can i say, old habit hard to die. I'm always like this whenever i'm busy with works, every thing else become less important and that's including personal life. Always wanted to change it but like i said old habit hard to die.

Tomorrow my department is going to have our family day. Since i'm the PM for ths event, memang la super busy ths few days. Tambahan all my staffs are not in the office ths week, outstations la, attend conference la, MC la so memang la pening kepala boss. We are lucky that the resort make all the arrangement and coordinate the event so we dont have to think too much, just settle the goody bags and prizes.

Let's hope the event go well so nobody will complaints..not that people dare to do that..i found out that apparently my colleagues are scared of me hahhahah.. am i that fierce ker ???