Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sad Story

Today when i reached home from work, got a shock of my life. Lampu rumah, tingkap semua terbuka. Since my husband is outstation and i just talked to him while driving back i'm sure it's not him. My sister and brother alway call or sms before they come. So u can imagine why i'm scared and quite reluctant to step into the house until i saw a familiar helmet belong to my bro.

Tengok2 masa tu di downstairs buang sampah for me. Rupa-rupanya datang rumah nak mengadu nasib. My brother study in ITM and share a terrace house with another 9 boys. His house in Shah Alam, Sect 7 was rob that morning. Semua HP. laptop and cash kena curi. That's why la dia datang senyap2, no Hp to call me.

He was home since 6 + waiting and praying for me to come back early. of coz la bila ada masalah he's looking for me, aku kan banker dia. Luckily hari ni awal sikit, by 8 i've reached home. Anyway, kita bersyukur sebab the thieves didnt take all the motorbike..Kalu tak mesti semua budak2 tu menangis teruk.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baru ada masa nak story about my trip to KK. What a fun trip. Eventhough ramai but since all of us respect each others interest so we manage to see and do what everybody wanna do.

Rombongan mak "chick" kiah ke KK with the driver - Tahir..our colleague yg jaga one of our project kat sana. Sian mamat tu dah dekat nak setahun kat sana and maybe kena further extend if current project tu ada diversion. Thanks to Tahir, semua tempat we ols dapat pegi dengan jayanya.

Ini dekat Mt. Kinabalu park. Most of the climber will start their climbing from this Timpohon gate. Unfortunately masa we ols sampai it started to rain so x dapek ler nak camwhoring banyak2.

Gaya Street Market where they sell all the cheap stuff..tapi tak banyak choice ler.

Manukan Jetty.

Now we started to plan our next makchick kiah holiday..destination ?? rahsia..hahaha

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Success Story ???

My company is going to have a CSR in one of the school in Selangor tomorrow. Sapa2 yang tak tau, CSR is corporate social responsibility. Since our last financial year (event yang ni kira terlambat sikit) CSR theme is Youth development makanya we are concentrating on schools student development. Dah macam2 event dah whole company separated by OPUs buat. Sapa2 rajin baca paper or masuk website company aku mesti nampak cerita2 pasal CSR ni.

Back to my story, this time i was appointed as 1 of the speaker during sharing session. I was asked to share my success stories. Tapikan the problem is i dont think i'm that successful. I'm too young to be that successful. All successful people suppose to be older than 35 unless your parent kaya raya yang boleh bagi jalan to be young, rich and successful.

I think myself as biasa-biasa saja. Yes i'm doing quite well for my age but so as many others.. There's a person who had asked me before what made me who i am, he look at me as one successful lady, above average compared to others.. and i remeber i told him that i'm not that successful, there are so many things that i have yet to achieve.

This has made me thinking, had i stayed in my previous company, i'll be the no. 3 in the ranking and mind you it is a huge international company.. no regret though, who can tahan kerja like mad. no personal life at all. at that time, my life is my work. if continue husband mana can tahan.

Writing this ..i still have no idea what i'm going to talk about tomorrow hmmmm

Friday, April 3, 2009

Land Below the Wind

After 2 mths planning, finally the day come. Tomorrow i'm going to Sabah with another 11 friends. It all started when my colleagues started planning to travel and all sort of ideas came up, Bandung la, Jakarta la, Bangkok la, Hong Kong la, Langkawi la. The destination change every hour. we sort of like desperate to go somewhere..anywhere..

So when MAS advertise of their low fare, the morning the advertisement came out, we check the internet and after checking fare and everything, decided that we are going to BKI. How much is our fare ?? MYR 138/person return including tax. that's almost like 20% of original fare. even cheaper than Air Asia.

Now, my bag is pack and i'm ready to go. I'm sure we'll have great fun.