Thursday, August 27, 2009

No B.E.P for Muslims

Lepas baca ni terus nak menangis..I lurvveeee BEP..

Malaysia bars Muslims from Black Eyed Peas concert

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Malaysia's government has barred Muslims from a concert by U.S. hip-hop stars the Black Eyed Peas next month because the event is organized by Irish beer giant Guinness, an official said .

The Malaysian show's official Web site said "the party is only open to non-Muslims aged 18 years and above." Previous major pop concerts in Malaysia, including one by the Black Eyed Peas in 2007, have always been open to Muslims.

"Muslims cannot attend. Non-Muslims can go and have fun," an official at the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture told The Associated Press.

It was not immediately clear how the ban on Muslims will be enforced. Concert organizers did not immediately respond to a request for comments.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa Semua

Today dah 5th day puasa. I would like to wish all friends and family selamat berpuasa. Semoga segala amalan kita diterima yang Maha Esa.

macam busy la pulak bulan puasa ths year. yesterday on day trip to Kerteh. Usually kalu travel to Eastern memang aku drive saja but this time since it's a last minute arrangement by my colleague and since it's only 1 meeting decided to take Firefly direct to Kerteh. resultnya ? masa boarding, the plane 3 kali termati engine..hahaha so imagine la my feeling. semua ayat Quran aku baca siap doa and everything. dah la tak sempat solat Subuh since flight at 6.30am, aku keluar rumah at 5.30 tak masuk waktu and by the time aku check-in dah terus kena boarding.

But at the end we have a smooth flight, the take off and landing memang smooth giler, mesti pilot yg terer. Balik at 6.20pm from Kerteh, resultnya horrror. Air pockets, clouds all journey, and masa landing it's very rough, nak termuntah aku. turun kapal terbang terus pening. Tak larat rasa nak drive balik.

For the next 3 weeks i'll become inspector police ..yup la sebab now in the midst of buat audit for customer satisfaction level. so far semua complaints saja..habis la korang sumer bila report keluar nanti. Ada la yg kena pegi training setahun nih.

I have a aku tak ada orang nak jual kuih raya ths year. so till now, aku belum order kueh lagi pun..macam mana ni. have to call Shima and ask her..Minah Singgah tu mesti ada kaki punya.

till then..ciao

oh ya..terlupa. i'm under pressure now. hubby sort of force me to pakai tudung..tapi aku tak ready laaaaa

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My club !!

Ths week memang lazy week for me. No mood to work since i found out about the issues i wrote in my last entry. But despite lazy-lazy pun still have to finish all works, work goes on just not as efficient as my normal self lor.

At least i got few good news today, our merit aka performance bonus will be in by tomorrow, the increment by end of ths mth (curious on the percentage hmmm) so mokcik kayo hahahha *evil laugh*

Anyway, i dont want to talk about all above here. Since ths week a non productive week for me kan, i spend time browsing thru the web, checking things for fun. Since i'm quite into cars nowadays, i checked fews owners club site. At first i onlt look at few mid range car punya owner's club..then getting more curious and start checking almost all car makers that i can think of. LOL. 5 days checking and before i started to get addicted i conclude:

1. There are so many people yang suka berforum in internet, age doesnt matter. 1 of the high end range car club, most of the forumers are above 35 yrs old (i know since they hv event gallery with their names to it) and yet they have something to say every other minutes. Thought only young cikus saja suka berforum.. huh.. U guys don't know how to use email mehhh ???..hahahha u ols must be curious now kan..let me give u a clue, the brand is 5 letters and it's for life..go figure LOL

2. Some of clubs are really professional. They only share infos and updates about their beloved carmakers. No nonsense other things are discussed in their forum..they keep their private thought privately.. clue ?? my ultimate driving machine la

3. Few clubs, there's no discussion on the technical or the car capabilities pun. All topics are about cars for sale even skim cepat kaya pun ada hahahaha..that's real funny. check out our second nation's pride.

Actually the list can go on and on and on but since i have to finish up my materials for tomorrrow meeting i stop here, otherwise sampai pagi la kerja. ciao

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Malas nak layan orang gila

I'm pissed and when i'm pissed i tend to start my nonsense rambling. My current work is so stressful that when i heard that people mengumpat about me i feel very upset. usually i will just brush it off. yelah nobody perfect and some people they are so free they like to gossips around. malas nak layan

But i'm pissed and upset and errr.. i'm trying to find the exact words to describe my feeling but can't think of any. Anyway, inilah orang melayu..i didnt generalize melayu semua sama OK..but in my current workplace ramai yang perangai gini..memang aku cannot stand it. It's my nature, i says things that i think. i'm opinionated but not necesary i'm right. i accept that fact. i'm stubborn but not that stubborn.

Now when i'm involve with a project at a corporate level, i found out that some of my team members is upset whenever i gave comments about their research findings. Said that i want to tunjuk pandai la, berlagak la.. what the hell..NO wonder la.. i realized in many meetings i've attended, communication is only by the person and the boss. nobody else said anything. the person present the materials to the boss and only boss gave comments. others juts kept quiet. no wonder la the company is in such a bad state.

Remind me that the first week i joined the project, one of the sr management called me after the meeting and apologize if i'm hurt with some of his comments made during the weekly meeting. I'm like huh ??? Told him i'm OK. I can accept criticism and i take it as a challenge to improve. hey normal la how can we improve unless we listen to criticism, take it positively and improve. Aku tak paham betul la orang yg cannot accept kritikan nih.. apa dia ingat dia tu perfect ker terrer sangat sampai semua orang tak boleh comment. eventhough questions asked are valid..
Kalu cannot accept critic pegi la dok dalam hutan sorang2 dengan monyet..mesti tak ada org criticss.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Remembering Juna

I got to know that one of my childhood friend just pass away due to breast cancer. My mom told me that. Asking me whether i still remember Zuraini. of course i remember Juna, tht's what we all called her. I told mom of course i remember and the rest of the class as well since she's the first fren yang kawin. Nothing special rite but in Juna case it's special because she got married when she was 15. Yup, that's when we were in Form 3, study for our SRP.

I remember at that time memang heboh satu kelas, Juna kena paksa kawin by her dad sebab kantoi dating belakang rumah. In typical Kelantanese kampong, jumpa anak dating malam-malam is a big deal, eventhough baru pukul 8 lebih. No dad can tolerate such thing in kelantan those days..and mind you i'm still young OK so those days tu not so long ago.

We lost contact thereafter. My mom did sampaikan salam dia to me as and when they bump into each others. Mom said Juna meniaga kat pasar but i never have a chance to meet her, never during my short trip back eventhough quite few no. of times aku pi pasar teman mom.

So when i heard the news, sadness did wash over me. I do not know if she's having a good life or not but i do pray for her. Looking back, i just can't help wondering what will happen to her if she didnt marry that early. She's smart kid, as smart as i am. if i can be in the position i am now, i'm sure she can as well.

But that's fate. With that, breast cancer had taken away 2 frens of mine at this young age. Alfatihah to Juna and Olin.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm not a superwoman

It's been quite sometimes since i last wrote here. Time flies so fast i didnt even realize that it's been a month. I dont even realize that now is already August. The year almost end and yet i didnt have any achievement in my life.. sad huh

I've been busy lately with work. For people who know me will knew that whenever i'm super busy, i will easily burnt out. Emotionally unstable, tetiba sedih la, tetiba upset la, sometimes without any reason.

I was removed from my dept and was selected to involve in a very important task force. Huh, at first i thought WTH..but when i was briefed that the task force is reported directly the President, then i know how important it is lah. I can't talk much about this since it's highly confidential. What i want to talk about is how stressful i am since i'm involve with ths project. Yelah, i'm so kiasu i want to be the best in everything that i do, i can accept criticism and comments but at the same time i make sure i improved so i do not received the same comment thereafter.

So for the first 1 month doing that project i'm trying to be superwoman. Siang malam kerja, weekend pun sama. Kesian my husband, aku tak ada masa nak layan dia. Luckily every weekdays nite dia pegi gym so when he back at 10.30, i just prepare hot drink for him and i can continue with my work. At first i feel OK la, very stress but thought i can handle it.

But now come to 2nd months, i started to get tired of this lifestyle or i shud say this no life of mine. Seriously, i cannot tahan. My life only involve 2 aspect, 1 is work until late nite or until everybody want to go back so i have to leave as well since aku ni penakut (trust me Dayabumi memang banyak benda yang pelik2 hahaha) and when i reach home, i continue working until midnite. It's been months since i last went out with friends. I can't even remember when was the last time i went shopping.

So today, i conclude that i'm not a superwoman. I dont have to be a kiasu girl like i used to be when i was single. I got other commitment now. My life is not circle around my job only. I have other life as well. I NEED to have the other life.

So, boss, don't get angry. I can only do my level best. i want to be excellent but not super excellent, i just don't have enough enery for that anymore.