Monday, August 9, 2010

Lady D

i want ths beauty so desperately. It perfectly match all my wardrobes and memang so me... but the price..hmmmm.. still thinking very2 hard..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not trendy

Semalam i did nonsense thing..All started with my trip to hair salon over the weekend. Saw the stylist rambut tetiba cantik. I mean i visit the salon twice a week tak kan tetiba rambut jadi cantik and panjang kan,, She told me she use hair extension and with that i consider myself sold..hahhaha so yesterday went to hair gallery and got myself one..and my colleague also get herself one..hahahaha

Like my stylist said..nowaday sapa tak ada hair extension is not in trend ler..hah now i'm back to IN again. hola!!

p/s ; cantik ok, even one of our contractor yg not so regular visit us in the office pun can go figure

Monday, July 12, 2010

I need my weekend

Mesti semua dah boring with my complaint about my fact me myself pun dah bored..bored with this non-stop stressful life. Think now, i almost reach the brain freeze.. dont feel like going to work ths few days and easily get agitated with my staffs..sorry la you guys.

Last friday nite, i received an sms from my big bos at almost midnite..first time in my working life i purposely ignore my boss sms..i received another sms the next day from my 2nd boss..and seriously aku dah promise myself that i will not work over the weekend anymore..i need a life i simply reply that i dont feel like working ths weekend and i wl do it on monday morning..hah ambik kau..

resultnya ? i dont know. we will see during next year evaluation ok :-)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stress is not for a person whose broke

I'm broke.. and i'm stress. That's not a good combination trust me ! I only have 2 solutions for stress relief ..either shopping or eat. Since i've gain so much weight i can't go for the latter. That's left me with only option which is to shop.

First i'm so broke since i travel a lot last month. At the same time, balance of deposit for new house and coincidently car insurance and my yearly health insurance dues. hah semuanya due same time..there goes all salary and savings.

Despite my financial distress i just can't stop from visiting shopping complex...Seriously, i'm so stress that i rather skipped lunch and drove out to Gardens or Pavi for a short shopping trip. Thanks to the plastics money though.. I've tried to refrain but now cannot tahan anymore. So for three consecutive days, i've done this nonsense. Short trip or diversion after meetings, in between appointments, lunch break, anything will do. Today i got myself 2 new shoes from Aldo. yesterday since i have a dinner with client, i got myself a new dress from Coast, the day before a suit from Debenham.. New dress for every occasions..boleh gitu.

Good news are 1. my lawyer called and i will get balance of my house sold in another 2 weeks time..that's huge moolah there .. 2. i will get my claim money on this friday..another moolah 3. bonus time is around the corner and lastly i got my husband aka banker that i can always rely on hahahaha

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Not shopping trip

Can i do some thrash talking here ? Since ths is my space so sukahati la kan. Just return from Lion city. Ada meeting thr. 2 days meeting with same client. hah amik kau.. Thought ada la masa aku nak pi jalan2 carik barang since now Great Singapore sale but tengok2 hah aku kena buli since go thr with the big bos and 2nd big lepas dinner with client kena continue buat kerja..bosses pegi berhappening themselve.. mmg nak mengamuk. menyesal tak suruh my assistance datang mlm tu instead of next day for operations discussion.

Only consolation is stay at good hotel and since we are given a good room, so instead of buat kerja kat bilik, can work at executive lounge.

there are more things i want to write but cannot concentrate..itu dua lelaki dalam my house nih tengah terjerit2 tengok bola despite german dah lead 3-0 against argentine.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm's been so long but this time no's all the same ol' same ol' busy at work. Now got time to write since started from last week i'm home early. reason? kena warn by husband..scared ? of course i am.. despite whatever i am, when husband dah gunakan kuasa veto kena la follow.

but 1 thing i am very sure it wont last long..kejap je balik awal ni. i'm so used to finish up everything before i left office now macam terkocoh2 definitely wont last.. but i have to show that i'm making an effort kan..

it is good feeling to have enough rest, time for myself since by 6.30pm i'm already at home. Got time to do many house chores and best thing got time to have enough rest and watch tv and read and cook and now i can continue writing..

tadi boss cakap i kena ikut dia to Singapore. malasnya..i travelled very2 often recently..despite it's all domestics tapi penat giler naik turun airplane. sampai makcik cleaner kat toilet klia pun dah kenal aku hahaha but now great Singapore sale maybe good time to shop some shoes yg dah lama aku eyeing tapi size dah habis in kl..huh betapa beriya nya semua branch dia aku pi sebab nak jugak yg nanti i story whether i got it ok.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Have a good day

hahahaha.. i need to start ths entry with a big laugh. previous entry i'm complaining kan.. patang tadi i got an email from my boss. It was decided in the last PDC, (that's a meeting where bossess discuss and decide on staffs things) that they agree to adjust my salary.. and i didn't know that my name is even listed in the me i know everythings about me in ths company..

so this come as a total surprise..a really good surprise. hahahahaha

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My life like hell.. rhetorically nya. can't stand it anymore. Thought it's only for few weeks now dah months dah. I'm so busy kat office until balik rumah lambat dah jadi routine..sampai guard pun dah tau.. In fact yesterday when i drop everything at office and left at 5.30, for the sake of my husband yang akan outstation for a week from today, bila sampai rumah about 7, guard pun surprise tengok aku balik awal. huh..

I need a new job. my current earning tak worth with all the time spent at the office. Tapi i plan to stay another 2 years with ths company.. but anyhow, guess it's nothing wrong to check my market value kan.. heh

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Decision finally

I've made decision finally. Yesterday signed the SPA selling my first property and happy to look at the no. on the cheque. With that, my financial despair recently just vanished.

I've made quite a no. of big purchase since mid of last year. Some assets and investments. By now all my Dubai money is gone. WIth recent purchase of new house lagi la rasa so tight.

So tight, until last weekend when i want to withdraw money from my main account, tengok2 ada 200 saja..hahahaha. Told my husband, i have not been in ths stage for a very very long time. For the first time since a long time, i'm really looking forward for my gaji day. Since last week i live on husband' money.

After my credit card disaster series in my young days, i always been extra careful with my financial planning. So this time, after downpayment of my new house last 2 weeks ago, i'm totally broke. Eventhough i know that it's only for a while, but broke is still broke.

And i can only blame myself, so busy with works that i didn't set priorities right. But mana aku tau. If i know if with that SPA signed, i can get the cheque immediately, memang lepas dah confirm, straight aku pi lawyer office to sign off.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lately i'm easily get upset with people. Even yesterday, 2 of my colleagues made a remark on ths. I don't blame me. When work is stressful, when 24hrs is not enough, sapa yang tak cepat naik angin.. with so many initiatives in the company and the same people who's involve in the task force, maunya tak easily aggravated.

Next week i'll get new staff to replace my "wing"man who's going to that war torn country yang our Holding company just won few oil blocks there. So we'll see, if she's good, i'll be my usual bubbly self. if she's not, then datin harimau will still be in action lah.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yesterday i'm sad. Today i'm pissed..tomorrow hopefully will be a good day.

Yesterday, was informed that my right hand man will be transferred. There goes my succession plan into the drain. The opportunity is actually good for him. In fact i'm happy for him. He is going to assist my boss in our newly secured mega project in a foreign country and he will be relocate. Last time, i suggested his name to replace me in Dubai but he decline. He told me that he's not ready. I guess the stress and responsibility did scare him. Well his older appearance and maturity despite his young age tend to make us forget that he is actually young.
My company is big in succession plan, esp with the new management team. All managers have to have succession plans otherwise we are not going anywhere. It's in our KPI ok, that's how important it is, staffs development and coaching..

Now that Azam won't be with me anymore, i'll be cripple for awhile. FYI, i didn't really look into operational issues anymore since it's all manage by Azam. i only intervene when there's a need for it. I just concentrate on strategic planning and business proposal since there's so many new initiatives going in the Group and concentrate in 1 client who really need my attention since the team in-charge is rather weak in developing the buss. Now, i guess while finding a replacement, i have to suffer la. Of course Tasha is next in line, but there's certain quality that she still need to develop.

But since management agreed for Ida to join my team, i'm quite relief. At least ths difficult client that she's going to handle is very comfortable with her. I'm optimist within next few weeks, she can take charge and release some of my burden from some initiatives.

Key takes for today: I shouldn't have only 1 next in line to me. Shud develop few more. lesson learnt.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A place called home

I'm having the biggest headache in my life so far.. reason sebab nak beli rumah. FYI, aku tengah house hunting now. My husband and i dah tengok a place, a 4 story duplex yang memang tranquil and so la chanteks that we love it so much. I'm like falling in love with it straight away esp it's partly furnish with all the fixtures and fittings semua dah ada and it looks great. But i think it's overprice. For that price tag, we can get a semi-d in a nearby area. But my husband reason that the place suit our lifesytle does make sense. It's strictly guarded, so it safe for me who always work till late and furthermore my husband also selalu outstation. we will have our privacy as the unit face a lush green well taken care of garden . Oh i can keep on writing about all it's good quality as i really love it.

My sister sceptical about ths possible purchase as she think it's overprice as well. Also, the monthly maintanence fee pun not cheap.

FYI, my last property purchase is base on love at first sight as well. I bought it because the design is so modern with lots of windows and it look so different. I dont give a heck about value because who care, i bought it because i want to stay there not for investment. It sell out like hot cakes, sekejap saja dah habis, even when i have a secod thought as i want to change to different unit in front row instead of middle row after 2 weeks pun dah tak ada. Lots of people think it's not a good investment since area tu macam a little bit inside from main highway but not for i say i bought it since i fall in love with it.

The house siap early last year and due to our busy schedule, we didn't do anything. sampai aku merajuk with husband since he didnt take any action and whenever i want to decide, he vetoed my decision..mana tak marah. aku dah put initiative to check things/contactors/ID but ada je comments dia, mahal la, tak cantik la etc etc. Sampai my sister cakap "kakni dah tak payah la check since kakni tak ada LOA to decide pun"..marah tak..

So after almost a year tak buat apa while ada some neighbours dah masuk rumah pun, aku dah tawar hati to stay there esp when some renovations are done badly jadi menhodohkan rumah yg originally cantik. In my eye, the original design is so unique but after some tasteless renovation, the once expensive house now looks cheap.

Last week, we decided to put the house for sale. Appoint an agent on Saturday and saw his advertisement on Sunday nite. After few sms and few attemps to nego, which i decline to turunkan price (not because i'm smart but because my husband tak bagi, if up to me i thought nak turunkan sikit as good gesture whc my husband think it's nonsense hehe).. the buyer paid the booking fee on thursday. I always know that i wont have a problem to sell the house. if i can fall in love with the house, i'm sure ramai lagi orang yg sentimental like me. It just that i didnt expect that it will be snatch from the market so fast..not even a week and at our asking price.

So i've proved the feeling does make a different if i sort of fall in love with this duplex, i'm sure in future akan ada orang yg akan feel that way kan ?? not that i want to buy it for investment..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keep the faith

Do u believe that kindness still exist ? I don't, and that's for quite sometimes already until yesterday.

Had a late discussion yesterday since we have to finalize a board paper. Got a call by my youngest brother, Mi at close to 7pm. His motorbike chain broken on his way back and no nearby workshop at that area. Call my husband who's outstation in JB, since i dont know what to do. Expect him to resolve this kind of issues as usual.

I called Mi an hour later, his back at home and since i was busy at work, didn't ask much. When i'm back home, he told me that apparently a stranger, fellow biker had help him. Together they tarik the bike to workshop and what really surprise me is since Mi only have $30 with him, that boy lent him another $40 to settle the workshop bill. Imagine a stranger, Mi said as young as him, so i assume he didnt have much money as well, out of kindness and trust to another human being can be so kind to a total stranger. $40 didnt seems big to me now..but when i was young, just started working and dont hv much money, that $40 is my 1 week meal money.

Such generous act did touch my heart. Now i do believe in pay it forward..a little act of kindness is infectious..

To that stranger, which you might not be anymore, bless your heart boy..

Friday, January 22, 2010

For sale

Harley XL883 for sale.. u can get it for MYR75K cash, the biker excluded tapi can try to make an offer in case interested LOL.

Last unit in Malaysia lepas ni model dah discontinue dah..for collector memang sesuai..

Despite merayu-rayu kat husband aku still tak dapat..Thought i look good on it..kan ? rasa nak jual my car for ths babe

Friday, January 15, 2010

Guilty pleasure

pssttt.. i wanna tell u. last weekend i went crazy. Woke up early morning, by 9.30am out from the house. Destination ? 1st is The Curve by 12noon, left the place with 3 paper bags. Next, The Gardens, can't remember the damage but got shoes that i wanted. Reason ? don't know la, stress i guess. I haven't take leave since December and my schedule was really hectic. I can feel that my body and mind is really-really tired.

I haven't work ths hard since my last company. The company that i love the job, the money and frens but has to leave because i know if i continue there, i might be a divorcee after 6 mths married hahahaha, who can tahan if the wife has to work till late nite everyday.

Now, i'm eyeing for a Chanel bag. That's my dream besides an Hermes Birkin. If i get it, i'll stop buying handbags for the rest of my life.. can ahhh ???

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Tigress

Happy new year.. Can’t believe that time flies that fast. Seems like only yesterday I returned from Dubai. I asked myself, what is my achievement in 2009. Seems like nothing. GOD..that’s depressing. To think that I actually did nothing fruitful for the whole year. Anyway, what bygone be bygone. Let’s start this new year with something.

I’ve made a list of what I want to achieve this year and paste it at my workstation. So I can remind myself of it every day.

2010 is tiger year. Chinese horoscope stated that it won’t be a good year for a tiger like yours truly.

I have many of tiger characteristic in me. It is a sign of courage, a fearless and fiery fighter, optimistic, straightforward, passionate and independent which truly describe me. While I can be quick tempered but considerate at the same time and most important is tiger are generally well liked because of their charming personalities..hehehe I definitely want to think that that’s true.

Oh another tiger characteristic that truly describe me is “tiger like to spend money and also to share it, can be quite impulsive spenders because they know that they can always make more” rite.

Anyway, the advice given to tigers are do not speculate or gamble, do not lend money and be patient at work. Hope I will remember this :-P

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I gotta a feeling

Tonite memang good nite. Sky so bright. From bedroom windows, I can clearly see KLCC, KL Tower, TM Tower, Genting lights and best thing is Sunway colourful lightings.

A nite like this make me wanna go out and enjoy life, enjoy the freedom, enjoy the moment..forget about all those misery and sadness. Who says life is suck..