Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Road Less Travelled - part 3 Finale

Esfahan, Iran

And they said "half of the world is in Esfahan"... Before pegi, i got mix reviews, some like it and some says there's nothing there. For me, I love it...

The male and female door.. Each pengetuk pintu tu give different sound so tuan rumah kat dalam know whether it's a male or female kat luar. Yang panjang sebelah kanan is for male and bulat sebelah kiri is for female.

Jalan masuk to the oldest teahouse in Esfahan.. turun temurun dari zaman nenek moyang

The oldest teahouse in Esfahan. dah beratus tahun dah. decoration dalam depa maintain and add when new generation took over from the parent.

Mokhsen, a local who had volunteer jadi our tourist guide. Dia pernah study in KL for 6 mths and ada Malaysian yang pernah tolong masa dia kesusahan kat KL. So bila jumpa Malaysian memang dia suka. 3days dia bawak jalan2 pusing Esfahan and narate the stories behind each place and it's for free. He insisted on that ....

lampu yang aku beli as souvenir from Iran..

There's lots of petikan from Quran as peringat to people...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Last week went to Atlantis for lunch buffet. Masa call for booking, aku memang dah prepared for harga yang riban2 punyer, but to my surprise lunch buffet in Kaleidoscope cuma cost us AED 140/pax excl drink. For Dubai standard itu kira very the cheap one.. Foods are OK. depa cakap they are serving Arabic and mediterranean foods tapi masa aku pegi it's international buffet. Beef satay is the best, sebijik macam satay kita.. rupa-rupanya there's few Malaysian jadi chef at that restaurant.
Malas nak tulih dah, tengok gambar saja yer ..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow and Kejakunanku..

First time tengok snow memang jakun... aku ni jenis yang cannot tahan sejuk so memang avoid travelling to cold countries masa musim sejuk. so memang tak sangka at the end berjaya jugak tengok snow (errr snow kat ski dubai tu tak kira la )..

All ths pictures are for kawan2 yang dok sibuk mengemail/ym and esp. adik shiela hok jeles tok leh main snow kat Istanbul.. ini dah letak gambar besar, jangan dok sibuk komplen lagi ..

Monday, December 15, 2008

The road less traveled - Part II

Yazd, Iran

Said to be the oldest living city on earth (a claim whc is difficult to proof since so many other city claimed the same kan). The home to Iran's largest population of Zoroastrian (for you who don't know, Zoroastrian is pemuja api le.

This place surprised us. It's definitely exceed our expectation. The winding lanes, mud brick old towns and charismatic accommodation is totally unexpected.

On the way from Shiraz to Yazd. It's snowyyyy.. bestnyer. First time aku rasa and touch and see snow..

Cypress tree in Abarqu. Claimed to be 4000 years old (yer, bukan salah type, it is 4 ribu tahun)

Ini courtyard of the hotel that we stayed. My room is facing ths courtyard. memang cantik. It's a traditional house turned to hotel.

View from the hotel roof-top. Yazd ni dok kat tengah2 bukit bukau (sort of valley la) so can see sekeliling dia snonyw mountain. memang cantik.

Iranian women in their "chador" - traditional clothes macam selimut.

Narein mud-brick castle. castle ni memang besar and tinggi, can see the whole city from the top.

pakcik meng"weaving" kilim

On the way to Zoroastrian Chak-Chak, the most important Zoroastrian pilgrimage site. jauh giler from civilization, but ada jalan yg cantik to go there. I'm quite suprise with it. i mean Iran suppose to be an extreme Islam country. But yet, they respect other religions as well, kalu tak takkan government nak buang duit juta2 to buit a decent road yang memeng pegi tempat ini saja. FYI, the temple is so tinggi atas gunung, memang torture nak naik for unfit person like me. Sorry la kawan2, battery kamera dah habis by the time we reach ths place, so tak ada gambar nak tunjuk.