Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I will not compromise..

Cheh tajuk macam iyo-yo-or je..hahaha

Semenjak jadi lady of leisure, i hv many ample time to do things yang i cant do masa kerja sebab aku gila kerja. But since aku sakit, i can only do the things that i wanna do in my mind saja hehehe.. Anyway, thts for the past 5 weeks. This week i feel better, the pain is not so visible anymore, so yesterday i went shopping yayyy.

But the problem with my shopping trip is whenever i have things to buy mesti tak jumpa. Last time i will settled for anything even when i don't like it but not anymore. Now i have patient to not to buy until i found the one that exactly like i want.

So what i need now is a face mirror and table lamp. No compromise, i want the design, size and colour exactly like what i saw in magazine.. So selagi tak jumpa aku akan tak jemu2 bershopping and menghabiskan duit ke benda2 yg tak diperlukan sebab barang nak beli x jumpa...yelar kena la ada habis otherwise sia2 je bayar parking.. But i got time..time next thursday when i have to go back to work ... don't know itu whether yay or nay

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Ahyi said...

Hello lady.... i missed to meet you while u are leisuring around :p

Nanti kita jumpa yah~ hope you are well now. ^^