Monday, February 28, 2011

Snapshot of my weekend

Last weekend is a lazy yet fulfilled weekend. On Saturday went to a good fren wedding. Since husband not around and sister working, i drag my brother. hehehe kesian him kena buli dengan kakak. Such a beautiful event and both bride and groom looks good. Agak nak menangis when we sesat in Seremban town yang so confusing.

At nite visit my dying uncle at hospital.. Kesian Ayah Chik...panjang cerita dia and looking at him made me think of my father. Adakah nasib abah akan sama macam nasib ayah chik. Left his children when they still small for a younger woman and bila dah tua and sakit, the same children that he left at the end yang jaga dia. Indeed it is a sad day for me.

Now something happy. Watch Julie and Julia yesterday afternoon. That movie has awaken my old desire to be a good cook. Once upon a time, my dream is to open a cafe that soo cozy, the guests dont feel like leaving. I always love cooking and baking..hmmmm copcop..i should rephrase..i dont really like cooking but i like to try recipes. And since most of the foods that i make turn up to be good, being a kiasu person, it is always a pleasure to boast about it heeee.
Watch that movie, made me think that i maybe have to do the same..

I have always made local cuisines, italian and desserts in a form of pudding and cakes. French foods are expensive and so delicate and delicious. If and i mean if i can cook french foods it will be such an accomplishment for kiasu yours truly.

Since i like to entertain and have frens/family coming over for lunch and dinner, think i should try this and made them as my food tester...I will let you all know if i'm going ahead with this project..which remind me of my next party is tea party whc i suppose to make breads and scones and pie and cakes..oh my

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