Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cure for neck pain

Kong Xi Fatt Choy to all my chinese frens. Hope ths rabit year will bring you health, love and properity. For a tiger like yours truly, all signs shows that it will not be a good year for me. But a stubborn tiger will not listen and believe to all this nonsense horoscope. Work hard and smart and we will get what we want in life.

Last few days ago, i had a serious neck pain or melayu cakap salah bantal..seriously, it is sooo painful. Never kena before and being a person who scared of pain, it was a torture for me. Can't sleep, can't eat, semua benda tak boleh buat.

I tried all tips and petua orang tua..So who said that petua tu berkesan memangla mengarut..I've tried tepuk bantal, jemur bantal, tepuk bantal kat tengkok, selawat la..everything..but semua tak jadi.. By the third day cannot tahan anymore especially when i had a sleepless night that previous nite, my husband brought me to see the doctor. Unfortunately, the dr just a painkiller injection which reduce the pain for a while. He give some painkiller pill and relaxer pill..but it's all temporary. He said i just have to bare the pain for another 1-2 days as the urat bengkak and will reduce sendiri. OMG, I'm looking for immediate permanent cure.

At last, i found a cure in sinseh medicine..I totally forgot about chinese traditional medicine. Luckily my SIL who's visiting from JB ask me to tried it. Miracle it is, my husband brought back 2 herbs in pill forms and a box of "koyok". That nite, the pain is lesser and by the next morning, the throbbing feel is gone.

Today, i'm totally fine. Yes the stiffness is still there but the throbbing pain is no longer there.

So, sapa2 yang salah bantal tu instead of buat all the nonsense petua, go to sinseh and ask them to help you. Insya Allah berkesan :-)

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Beja said...

utk sebarang ubat/ rawatan kita nak cakap proven effective.... kena lalui trial yang kita panggil randomized controlled trial. RCT.

so utk ubat sinseh kita nak kata berkesan;

1. kasi ubat sinseh kepada sebahagian orang yang sakit leher.
2. kasi bahan lain (bukan ubat sinseh) kepada yang sebahagian lagi orang-orang yang sakit leher.

3. dalam kedua2 kumpulan.. pakej ubat/ cara pembungkusan/ warna/ cara makan mesti sama.. so dia orang tak tahu samada diaorang makan ubat sinseh betul ke tidak. (single blinded)

4. utk lebih stgrong lagi study ni.. penyelidik/ pengkaji/ pencadang ubat (AKA dalam case ni Hartini Hanafi)
sendiri tidak tahu samaada ubat yang dia kasi kat tu ubat sinseh betul ke bahan lain yang neutral ( AKA DOUBLE BLIND). hanya ada 1 pihak lain je yang tahu (researcher.. in this case its me)

5. after some period (suitable period for ubat sinseh nak dikatakan berkesan mesti telah dikaji terlebih dahulu)... kita tengok peratusan yang resolve neck pain from both groups yang terima ubat sinseh dan juga groups yang terima bahan bukan ubat.

6. kira statistik.. sama p value significant or not. kalau significant.. baru Hartini boleh claim ubat sinseh berkesan dan boleh mencadangkan ubat sinseh kepada orang lain. sekian terima kasih.